I have a friend in SL (and out of it) who I’ve known for about 11 years now. She’s going through a tough time. The very toughest. This friend is such a sweet and lovely person, she doesn’t deserve any of it and yet she has no choice. I don’t want to talk about her personal business on here, but if you can spare her a prayer, pray that she receives strength and knows she is so very loved. Your God will know her by her nickname “Kitty”. ❤

Thank you.

No, don’t do it later. Just close your eyes now and do it, it won’t take long.

Thanks so much.

It’s the Bank Holiday weekend again here in the UK. It’s going to be very, very hot which means my neighbour will be wandering around with 90% of his body on show. Groans! You don’t see women doing that do you? Just wandering around in little more than their underpants on hot days – in the supermarket, on the street or sitting outside a pub?

I’m not going to get into the social reasons, legal reasons* and history of why women don’t generally do that, I’m going to simply mention the other 50% of reasoning, which is that we like to keep our imperfections under wraps in most situations. Many men seem to proudly and un-selfconsciously display themselves without a care in the world at any and all times. I’m kind of jealous.

And before anyone chips in saying I’m generalising. Yes, I know there are many men who don’t feel that way and men who are terribly body-conscious and that’s not good either. But they can come sit at my shaded table with me without me dying a little inside.

I know, I’m such a prude.

*It is worth saying that it’s not actually illegal for a woman to be topless in public in the UK. It is, however, illegal for her to be perceived as indecent in public. If she offends the public decency with her chest, then she is guilty of a crime. I guess my point is that my neighbour sometimes offends my level of public decency in my own back yard, but there is nothing I can do about it really, without upsetting him and I don’t want to do that!

Next time you see a guy on the street who could fill your bra cups and then some, just think how his boobs aren’t illegal but yours are because men find them attractive and they made the laws!


What ARE you wearing?

Addams // Emilia Sporty Jacket // Maitreya NEW!
Addams // Emilia Crop Top // Maitreya NEW!
Addams // Emilia Sporty Short // Maitreya NEW!
Lock&Tuft – Dad hat NEW!
[PPD] Naughty Girl Next Door Sneakers & Socks

Extra Links!

Addams Marketplace
Lock&Tuft Marketplace

Welly, welly, well. I was so happy to get Addams brand new Emilia release which comprises a crop top, jacket and either shorts or pants. I chose shorts cus it’s hot and in SL I get to tan my legs as I work out.

Lock&Tuft’s gorgeous bob and hat combo is called ‘Dad Hat’ and is a full alpha hair, resizeable and positionable and with a great selection of colours available. You should deffo go give it a try. You can change the hat colour too!






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