I live for the tunes

I live for the tunes

Do you? Do you use music as the soundtrack to your life? I do.

‘Cigarettes After Sex’ for quiet ‘Netflix and chill’ type evenings with my love, James Brown for changing the bed-sheets (the most hated job in this hot weather, along with vacuuming the stairs), The Smiths for cooking (or the radio), Old-school hip hop for the car, Beethoven or Bach while I work (sometimes a bit of Dvorak if I feel cray-cray), The Pretenders and Bowie while getting ready to go out and Kate Bush or Ella Fitzgerald when I feel sad or contemplative.

Oh, the world of music is so wide, so beautiful.

Memories too come to me ready-tracked with songs from the past; a song can take me to a specific moment in time just as efficiently as a time-machine would.

Music goes with different types of food and drink too. I could never listen to Ella Fitzgerald while drinking beer. I associate her strongly with wine, occasionally with whiskey.

Beethoven or Bach requires tea, of course.

Please don’t run away from this blog with the idea that I’m an expert on classical music – far from it – I just can’t work while there is music with a singing track. The words throw me off-base. I have found the tracks I like on Spotify on the basis ‘not too fast, not too slow, not too riotous, not too sad’.

Nor am I an expert on any other kind of music. I just love it.

How about you? Are there some songs that resonate with you and bring to mind a time or place (or person more likely)? Are there types of music you enjoy at specific times in your life and not others?

Tell me a story, post me a song 😀

Here’s mine…

1996: October 1.05pm, sitting in my tatty little Micra, outside the house of my best friend and her 5 year old daughter, having just put this in the tape player to hear it for the first time. The sun literally came out from behind a cloud and all my petty troubles and worries disappeared and I actually laughed and cried. That’s the power of music. Then I got back onto the treadmill of my life with a renewed appreciation of how ridiculous it all was.


What ARE you wearing?

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Additional links!

Blueberry Marketplace

I have to fess, it’s at this point in just about every blog I do containing a Blueberry release that I go look at her Flickr… it’s because there are so many options and interesting bits that I’d miss some if I were to attempt to sum it up myself. So, in the words of the Blueb…

“Guys, I legit ran out of space trying to list the options, whew.

❗️Mega Pack is 30% off of regular price for 1 week only! ❗️ (Note: Until 28th – tomorrow! ❤ Meri)

Mega Pack includes everything listed below:

☄️Tops – 3 options:

Off shoulder with sleeves connected to the top

Off shoulder with detached from the top

Tops with no sleeves

You can select between 6 different sheer levels on the HUD or choose to wear it opaque.

37 colors – 36 patterns – edges and ties color changeable.


☄️Shorts – 2 Options:

Ripped Denim Shorts

Classic Colored Shorts

All shorts come with the chain belts attached, which can be worn 2 ways like belly chain or belt chain.

All shorts come with optional studs, you can turn them on and off in the HUD.

Fat pack includes stand alone chain belts.


☄️Shoes – 3 Options:

Thigh High – Knee High – Ankle High

Ultra realistic textures with option to color change the ties and soles individually.




  • Im like you Meri, I have a very eclectic taste, Meatloaf for housework, Tom Petty and Kid rock for driving, Bowie if i’m feeling moody, Elton John for getting ready to go out, Ella Fitzgerald if I’m feeling hurt and lonely…there is just so much, I love it all too, but, this one is a regular go to for any occasion….it make me smile and its so sing-along-to-able

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    • Oh some great choices, I like that you too choose different styles and tempos for different activities. Tiny Dancer is an awesome track imho. My mum saw him live and said Elton was an incredible performer. Hugs xx

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  • This tune reminds me of my best friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZP54bClDRw
    Thie tune reminds me of being a teen and learning to dance with my friend in front of the mirror https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7vRSu_wsNc
    This tune reminds me of being in love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGRKVtCFUO4
    This tune reminds me of being single when I started to own it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANmL7LvNzdw
    This tune reminds me of being a noob in sl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_JfN9Wm7fg
    This tune reminds me of AAI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPX44xvUmFA

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  • Ahh Elbe… thanks for the playlist!

    Your first (Cat Stevens) reminds me of my wicked Stepmother, I am pretty sure she thinks it’s about her 😀
    Your second (Prince) reminds me of one of my early boyfriends, it’s a wonderful track – so full of joy ❤
    Your third (in love song) I've not heard before… I understand le soir, derriere, visage, so in my head it's called 'I see your face bottom this evening'
    Your fourth (Michelle Gurevich) is awesome, very cool.
    Your fifth (Arcade Fire) is good… and while I've heard it before I've not heard it as much as many of theirs.
    As for your sixth and final choice. I'm devastated that THAT MAN is responsible for your takeaway music from AAi which was proud to host some of the finest indie and alternative DJs SL had to offer and their choices were impeccable. 😀 😀 😀 Chris would be so happy! Me? I'm just flat out despairing.


  • Firstly, I love your summer-hatted photo! Gorgeous (:
    The human could not live without music… has nearly 3000 albums in iTunes collection, an extremely eclectic collection, far too much music to have favourites. The human used to lug boxes and boxes of records around, then that became CD’s and records. The human was off work with a broken foot, about 12 years ago, and spent a month copying 500 cd’s to computer! As an example of it’s eclectic tastes, in the last few weeks, the human has purchased: Instrumental Jazz Ambient (self-explanatory), Tijan Pou Velo by Zepiss and Edmony Krater (World music), Purple Mountains by Purple Mountains (Alternative), Omoiyari by Kishi Bashi (Alternative/Indie Pop), and Shake the Spirit by Elle King (Alternative)… these are the albums on highest rotation, currently, but, recently, we have listened to Skinny Puppy, Solar Fields, Shivaree, Shawn Colvin, Sleater-Kinny, and 10cc, to name a few. Music for every mood (:
    As to the faves listed above, Mazzy Star is, by far, our (me/human) top pick… Mazzy and Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions are gorgeous, aural honey!
    Anyway, could talk about music for, well, a long time…

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  • Songs – Sadie

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