Did you get the free gifts at Hair Fair 2019? Video blog

Hello sweet bloggies! I just wondered if you’d been over to The Hair Fair 2019? No? Whyever not? Did you have no money?

Yeah, me too – Skint. However, I got some awesome stuff!

Various designers have given a free gift to visitors to the Hair Fair and you can go get yours. The event ends on 1st September and in my video, below, I show and talk about  the gifts I found at the event.

I don’t think I got them all, but I love the ones I did get.


You can get all the SURL’s from the official Hair Fair blog but my recommendation is to go to the Redhead sim, adjust your graphics so you can see far but no avatars and just cam around. It’s all little caves and so walking into and out of each one can get tiring really quickly. Or you can do the area search for the word ‘Gift’. You can also fly on the sim which helps.

I got gifts from the following hair designers –

no match
ayame ame

EDIT! I should have mentioned by beloved KoKoLoReS for whom I did a separate blog for Hair Fair 2019. They had the most gorgeous freebie! You can see it here. The beautiful Sisch liked my post and I realised I’d not mentioned her gift at all. Doh! ❤

And I’d like to thank them all with huge sloppy kisses for the gorgeousness they gave to us for nothing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤

Oh! And the shorts and top I’m wearing were blogged yesterday, if you missed them. They’re by Blueberry and you can get all the details here.

If you got different gifts and want to share them, do link it up below. If you have rude comments to make about me and my coughing and erming and ahhing on the vid, do that here too! 😀 ❤



    • It’s easy to see the places that have men’s hair — they have the male symbol floating above their place so you can just fly from men’s hair to men’s hair and skip the women’s if you want

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    • Yes, i did that.. And there was a single male hair as a freebie. Every store had a free womens hair. This is what i meant by “99.99999% for women.” Much like most hunts or other fairs, there is very very little for men.

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    • You’ve right about the proportions but seriously, not by a long way did each store have a gift. Was the one hair for guys nice?


    • Which one had a free men’s hair? I’d like to tell my friend. He was pretty frustrated too and left fairly quickly after looking at a couple places.

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