Welcome home, darling

Welcome home, darling

I loved taking this picture and it reminded me of how I used to tell Thom I’d greet him when he came through the front door, if we lived together in RL.

Course, this was 11 years ago and those fantasies fade a little over time. We don’t live together but we do sometimes spend time at each other’s houses and he’s coming over soon. My enticements for this visit involved me listing all the jobs I needed doing around the house and him agreeing to do them as long as I made a fruit cake.

Yeah, we did spend a short amount of time punning about big long screws being driven in… but that’s just how we roll.

That’s not to say we won’t have any fun times or any tender times, I know we will. I guess, even when you don’t live together you somehow become domesticated.

I feel a bit sad about that, so I might decide to tell him all the delicious ways I’m going to lead him astray, like I used to do and see if he likes it.

Do you think he’ll think I’ve gone nuts? 😀


What ARE you wearing?

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Decor in the House

BackBone Lounge Chair  NEW!
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8 Single Animations
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28 Foreplay Animations
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Kinky Toy rack is a decor item only (ie. it doesn’t give you toys)

All BackBone items shown include texture change options.

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