Preparing for Sundown

Preparing for sundown large

The lesser spotted Thom came along to help me in setting up the telescope. He said to say ‘Hi’. (He actually didn’t… pretty sure he thinks you are my imaginary friend, but I know you’re real!)

I realised last night that a friend of mine thought Thom was called Thorn. I mean, seeing them typed it’s clearly an easy mistake to make… I found myself wondering if a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Not sure I could love a ‘Thorn’ 😀

Ok you know how annoying Mums can be when they are on your Facebook? Oh! You don’t? Then your Mum can’t be on your Facebook. I don’t use it much and rarely say anything when I do pop on for a nosey… anyway, she sent me a text to tell me she’d sent me a message on Facebook (knowing, as she does, that it could be a week or more before I’d see it). I saw the text and I was cooking, and then eating, and then watching the TV show I’d begun watching while eating (yes, hardly good form, but when I eat alone I eat in front of the TV). Two hours after her original text to tell me she’d sent me a FB message, she rang me to check if I’d seen the text telling me she’d sent me a FB message.

I told her I had, and she asked if I’d been on to read the FB message. I said I had not been on cus *insert food and TV business above here* and I asked her if it was time-sensitive.

There was a tiny silence, no more than a heartbeat and she said,

Time Sensitive? Where did you learn to say things like that? Was it when you were pushing the envelope?” and we both cracked up.

In fact I laughed several times in the next hour thinking about it (and blushing a little). I didn’t even know I said ‘time sensitive’ and particularly outside meetings with other business-minded knob-heads.

I told Thom and he roared laughing, I thought he might fall off his chair. The main hobby of the pair of them is taking the piss out of me on a regular basis 😀

So, Thom might think you’re my imaginary friend, but at least you don’t do that to me. Thanks for that. You’re precious to me.

Do you have family on your Facebook? Are they annoying? Do you wish you’d never added them or even that you had not signed up for it in the first place?


What you got there?

Welly well! It’s not a fashion blog. It’s a decor blog and we all know I’m not the best at those, but hey… I’m trying and that counts I think.

BackBone says…

“BackBone Under the Stars
The nights are finally getting cooler and it’s the perfect time to cuddle up outside and stare at the stars together. ♥

BackBone Under the Stars set contains the Pallet Sofa (PG/Adult) and the Telescope and is now available at FaMESHed

Coolio! The whole set is only 12 Li and is texture change. The sofa and telescope both contain Bento animations.



  • My mum isn’t on FB. All the rest of my family are highly quiet on FB, except my younger sis. I’m sometimes sorry I see what she posts – she’s on there trying to look cool, posting pics that show her as a party animal – the thing is, she’s very cool and doesn’t need to put on an act, I wish she’d know that. She’s not a party animal, she doesn’t have duck lips when I see her irl, but she’s got a great heart, a beautiful creative mind, and she looks gorgeous without posing. I do wish she’d know that (yes I did tell her – sorta – will again, better)

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    • Ahh my Elbe, thanks for replying 😀 It can be hard to see someone we care about’s public persona and it’s so different from how they actually are, I find the same with my nephew sometimes, but I also think if that makes him feel safe, then I don’t want to point out it’s not really him. It obviously wouldn’t be what he wants to hear, as he thinks that version is pretty cool. I try to build up his confidence in other ways. ❤

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  • My entire family is on FB. I find most of their pics and things they post are superficial. Or they are done to make them look great. I only sign in once every few months. Yet for some reason my friends and family insist on contacting me there. Then get upset when I have not seen the message. I tell them, “you could have emailed, texted, or you know called me.”

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    • Yesss I had this too Sadie. My father got angry because he posted that his dog had died, and then when I didn’t see it, sent me a pm on Facebook to draw my attention to it, which I didn’t see either, and by the time he rang me he was unfairly furious. Crazy world we live in!

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    • I am sorry his dog had died. But I can so relate to that situation. I have personally found that FB can create rifts between friends and family. It has ended a few friendships of mine. Which is why I call it the “great divider”.

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  • Yeps, I haven’t commented either. However another young friend tells me this “fake” side of them is actually a painful act to put up… dunno, just hope it won’t be too hard on them. bisous

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  • Ha, FB and me will never be more than distant acquaintances. Lucky for me, hardly anybody expects me to read any posts there. So, there’s that 😀

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