The Jungle Book

Jungle Book

I’m not much one for gardening. Until recently I avoided it at all costs, not enjoying dirt, flying insects and too much sun.  On the rare occasions I ventured out there, you’d see me run around flailing my arms at even the most polite enquiry from a bee. But things change. I have the cutest little garden now and I really want it to be nice, so I’m leaning towards learning more about it.

I went with Mum to the garden centre yesterday, expecting to accompany her round and drive her home. But when I got there, there were such gorgeous plants I had to buy some, she bought a few more than me and then we went to have lunch in their nice little cafe. I ordered a ham salad roll and a scone with butter, but when they were actually in front of me, they were huge. I ate the roll and had the scone wrapped up to take home.  This makes me sound a fragile little thing who won’t eat and I can definitely state that isn’t the case. I can eat, but hell, that thing was enormous. All these little old ladies who just have ‘one salad roll’ and it keeps them going the whole day are eating there, you mark my words. The tea was lush too.

When I got back to Mum’s house, I made my weekly call to the local dentist to see if anyone had died (I have been waiting to get onto their list for 18 months and travelling several hours each way in the meantime to see my old dentist). Although nobody had died – which is good of course, if a little disappointing – the receptionist took pity on me and registered me anyway. Yay!

I got home, sorted the plants out and did a few bits around the house and then Mum rang me and suggested she come round and we scrap any sensible ideas of making a dinner that included vegetables and grown-up stuff and instead order fish and chips and pretend we were on holiday.

So we did. The cat loved the fish too.

It was a lovely day, I can’t remember having such a lovely day for ages and I’m putting it down to the excellent company (my Mum is very funny) but also to this fledgling interest in gardening. I’m quite excited and I’m full of good intentions about getting out there and titivating my borders today.

Not a euphemism.

Have you started any new hobbies lately? Do you do anything you shouldn’t enjoy but kind of do? (No Bruce, I don’t mean your annual medical check).

Do you love your garden? Is it a neat window box or two? Is it a wilderness?

What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Rainforest Reserve, Cooper Creek Wilderness
Necklace –  Mandala KOTOWARI
Rings –  **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings
Hat/Hair – Lock&Tuft – jesse (mens&womens) NEW!
Outfit – Blueberry Mainstore – Elias – Corset & Jeans NEW!
Boots – Blueberry Mainstore – Elias – Combat Boots  NEW!
Smoke – FNKY! Cigarette II

Blueberry Marketplace
Lock&Tuft Marketplace

I love having new goodies to share with you. First up, we have Blueberry’s Elias Set which comprises a pack of tops – print tops and corset tops with optional straps (I’m wearing the corset option in my pics). Corsets are either lace or satin.

– Jeans include optional panties with satin, fishnet or lace – 2 booty options

– Boots include 4 options. Knee or ankle length with a  flat or high heel

Mega pack is 30% OFF for 1 WEEK only. Today being the last day – so go grab em!

Lock&Tuft’s really cute hat and bun hair is right up my street, it really tickles my happy hair bone, it reaches the parts, it… ok I will stop, but you get the idea. I really like it. It comes with versions for both men and women and a hat HUD so you can change the colour. It’s full mod with resize on touch. Be great for you Bettie, help keep the sun off your tiny grapefruit.


    • Haha, I didn’t want the dentist to die! I didn’t want anyone to die really but it seems like that’s the only way anybody ever leaves this Dental Practice and they have limited spaces.

      Your gardening has kinda inspired me Rob, I love your garden and all the gorgeous blooms and I thought ‘I might be able to do a tiny version of that if I really really tried’ and so I’m going to try! 😀 x

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    • I’m smiling from ear to ear (but my lips are closed. I don’t want any zombie dentists trying to attack me). I’m happy that you like my garden, Meri. You’ll have to include your new garden in your SL posts.

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  • I’m afraid I haven’t had time for hobbies that much (is sex a hobby though? then that’s new) recently. I have however been enjoying far more than I should spending ages in carpet shops and buyingt tiles and roaming the internet for the perfect sofa and book shelf.

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  • Another Beer! – ReadMeri

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