Emotional Baggage

Emotional Baggage

I’m pretty sure my cat is cheating on me. In the morning she greets me just as warmly as ever, she nags for her food to be put out and then, once it’s out, she sniffs it, eats one bite out of duty and goes out.

She just came back in and she was was making those mouth movements to indicate she’d just eaten. I know, you’re thinking it’s not conclusive, but two days ago she threw up on the yard and I’m pretty sure it was Go-Cat dry food.

I don’t buy Go-Cat. I’m very fussy about what I buy for her, it has to be nutritionally sound and so I buy Applaws dry food, which has an 80% meat content and no grain at all (and only give it her as an addition to wet food). Having had cats in the past I know that too much cheap dry food can cause problems with their waterworks and with obesity, so I tend to stick to wet food as much as possible.

She’s going out and eating the cat equivalent of chicken nuggets.

I give her a lot of love and attention, we talk regularly. I try not to leave her alone for long periods of time, cus I know she doesn’t like that. I’m having a very expensive cat flap fitted for her this month in a wall (because my door is too pretty).

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Has your pet ever cheated on you? What did you do? Should I confront her?


What ARE you wearing?

Hair – Moon. // Messenger
Shoes – Pure Poison – Rhonda Platforms – Maitreya
Shorts – Cynful Clearly. Shorts Collabor88 til Oct 6th NEW!
Jacket – Cynful Clearly. Blazer Collabor88 til Oct 6th NEW!
Sunglasses – [Black Bantam] Daisy’s Everywhere Sunglasses – Black&Yellow

If you’re looking for haute Second Life Fashion, you can do no better than the Clearly Blazer, Top and Shorts set from Cynful. It’s is dead good… you can find it at Collabor88’s September 2019 round in Second Life. Here’s the deets –

Blazer Details: Single Color Hud: 25 Transparent Part colors
Fatpack: 30 Transparent Part colors 30 Blazer colors

Tube Top + Short Details: Single Color Hud: Tube Top + Shorts included
Fatpack: 30 Tube Top colors 30 Short Colors

Sizes for this Set: Maitreya Lara Slink Hourglass Belleza Freya Legacy Female



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