When I drink I am 5 again

When I drink I am 5 again

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d go on holiday and within a day or so you’d have made friends to go out and play with? Yeah, me too. When I was small, I never lacked confidence or felt like I might be rejected by potential play-buddies and mostly, that casual optimism turned out to be correct.

When you’re a grown-up, you just aren’t the same. You don’t run up to someone you like the look of and say ‘Hi, wanna play?’ and they say ‘Yeah!’ and you run off together to the swings. Never happens.

‘Cept when I’ve had a drink.

When I’ve had a drink I seem to be 5 again and I feel no issue with starting up conversations with new people at all. I just see someone and think ‘they look nice’ and go and talk to them. Thom puts up with me very well, as I told him this weekend. Much, much better than any of my ex’s have coped with my outgoing excursions and ‘new friends’.

I made a new friend on Friday. She’s older than me and she wasn’t being rough or yelling or anything like some of the drinking women, I caught her eye and she smiled and we began talking and then by the end of the night I was all ‘ADD ME ON FACEBOOK’ and she did and now we’re FB buddies and supposed to be going out for a drink sometime.

Which is great, don’t get me wrong. I love to make new friends – but I’m sober now and a bit nervous. I messaged her and said how it had been nice to meet her and that I was suffering a hangover on the Saturday. She replied and said she avoids hangovers by eating dry nuts while she drinks.

And herein lies the rub… my go-to response to that would be ‘I prefer wet nuts after drinking’ but I’m sure she’d think that was very rude indeed and not very ladylike and then wouldn’t want to be my friend at all.

So I haven’t replied yet.

I guess I worry that the real me is hard to deal with for some other people and I’m far too established as the real me to ever pretend to be anything else. Maybe next time I’ll start with a terrible sexual innuendo joke and see if they laugh or not.

What do you think?


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  • Who wouldn’t laugh about sexual innuendo? Only bad stuck-up, evil meaniepooface people, that’s who. Ppl you don’t wanna be frens wiff anyhoo. So no loss if she won’t laugh. =^.^=

    But … now careful, adult person entering the room. Girl stop the fukn drinking! Your health, your man and most of all your wallet will thank you. I bet you can be 5 anytime you want, don’t need to be inebriated and anoying like a drunk skank for that. I was never a big drinker, only at parties and BBQ n social stuff … and haven’t now touched any alcohol at all, since like, 10 years at least. Stopped smoking at the same time. And hubby thinks I’m the most childish girl he’s ever met. And I’m like. “But you love me nevertheless, right?” And he’s like: “No, stupid bishy, I love you not nevertheless but because!”

    Everybody happy. And no alcohol and no hangover!

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    • Haha, ok my new friend will get to enjoy my innuendo in her end tho. But I only drink a couple of times a year, so no need to worry about me! Xxx 😂


  • Lol ahhh if you were a tad intoxicated when you met, and you are yourself I don’t think you being you is going to be any different when you catch up.
    I met one of my good mates on the bus. She never sat with me but we both used to give each other the eye when the old fella came on who always smelt of wee. Bless him, but I always hoped he would sit next to her not me and vice Versa.
    Everyday it was the knowing nod and the look of you have him, no you have him.
    Then one day he sat next to me,
    He literally wet the seat in the journey and when he got off I had to move but it was too late, I had wee on my side of my pants.
    She laughed and said I had better go home and after that we sat next to each other every time.
    Wee man has a wee partner as well. They both sometimes get in the bus together.
    Anyhow I won’t say anymore in case they read your blog!!!

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  • What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back to the confidence I had at five!! I think the problem we have as adults is we spend too much time in our heads and fail to notice that those around us are just as anxious and probably be quite happy if you struck up a conversation with them. Children just assume everyone wants to play because who wouldn’t!?!?

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    • Yes, when I feel social puts it is partly because I’m happy and partly because I want to rescue other people from feeling awkward or alone. I wish we could all be that way all the time. Let’s just do it Alyss! Xx

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