You Can Sing a Rainbow

You Can Sing A Rainbow - ReadMeri

Morning blog-readers, working persons, lazy bums and fashion followers. It’s Meri and I bet you’re so shocked about that, being as how you are on my blog n all.

I come to you with mixed feelings today. On the one hand I’m feeling happy and up. Things are good here and I’m off out in RL soon with my mammy to choose her some new glasses. Unfortunately, she was putting some stuff in her big wheelie bin when the lid swang shut and tried to eat her head. As a result her glasses are damaged beyond proper repair. She’s a tad accident prone. I fear she gets it from me.

On the other, there was some sad news yesterday I heard through Facebook. An SL artist and blogger – Autumn Rose – has died. I didn’t really know her, I’d only added her on Facebook fairly recently because I, as so many others, was totally inspired by her art.

I didn’t know she was ill, it certainly wasn’t something she talked about to all and sundry and now she’s gone, there’s much talk in the community about that great recurring theme…

You really don’t know what someone is going through behind their avatar.

Everybody in SL looks like they’re having the perfect life, with their perfect body, perfect environment, perfect partner. You don’t see the mess, the pain, the problems.

I know there will be many people writing about this or variations of this today, or at least thinking about it, so I will finish by saying what everybody will say:

Be kind, because you don’t know what anybody else is going through.

‘Well lit, no shit – ReadMeri Aphorism Bikini and Lock&Tuft Hair


What ARE you wearing?

Umbrella – {what next} Umbrella for u
Pose – KoKoLoReS Umbrella Pack I (modified)
Bikini – !APHORISM! – Carolyn Bikini 3 Bottom & Bikini 3 Top Kustom9 til 10 Oct NEW!
Hair – lock&tuft – vonne NEW!

Aphorism says “There are 3 top & 3 bottoms in the bikini collection, select the top and bottom that you like to get a bikini that is just right for you.
Each top and bottom comes with one plain and 2 patterned options.
Fatpack comes with all 6 bikini pieces in all colour options, check out the demo for all options.
Maitreya – Belleza Isis/Freya – Slink Hourglass”

Deeeeeeeeeeelicious! And nice to know that the coming of September doesn’t mean the end of all things beachy 😀 After all, this is SL!

Lock&Tuft’s new hair – Vonne, is an alpha bob which is resizeable. The colour packs are awesome and I encourage you to take a step outside your normal and try something different.




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