Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

You know what’s a huge coincidence? This! I decided to do a less Summery picture and to semi-officially commence Autumn on my blog when I took this picture AND THEN… Addams sent a notice to all their bloggers asking them to promote a giveaway event they’ve named ‘Goodbye Summer’ and it all converged today!

I think we’re on the same page somehow.

Ok, the idea is this. Addams will give you something for nothing, a freebie, a gift to celebrate the end of Summer and you have to do a few things to get it – nothing too onerous, don’t worry.

step 1 – Go to the Addams pagoda here
step 2 – Join the Addams group or activate the group tag
step 3 – Click on the picture cut out of Ms Addams standing in the corner
step 4 – Take the surprise balloon HUD you’re given and attach it to your screen
step 5 – See the figure on your screen? She’s holding a balloon and a feather. Drag the feather to the balloon to pop it. (I spent a while not doing that bit… doh).
step 6 – Check for your surprise. If it is not immediately visible to you, check chat history. I got 250L$ attached to my account to spend in-store. Yay!

Addams says “If you all didn’t see, we are having a goodbye summer event and day 1 is today. Please feel free to share and to also do a creative post about this event!

Starting NOW and 2 days ONLY, you will be able to get an Addams Surprise Balloon! You do not need to be in store to redeem. All you need to do is attach the HUD and drag the pin to pop the balloon. Turn on audio for the most fun!

There is also a giveaway! 5 people will win a 7k voucher …



What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Soul2Soul Coast
Top – Addams Cristine Open-Zip Sweater (Flowers Pack) NEW!
Shorts – Addams Cristine Denim Shorts NEW!
Boots – Addams Cristine Bootie NEW!
Leggings – :KOYUKI: Fishnet Leggings Bell/Mait/Omeg/Sli
Hat/Hair – Clawtooth Je’taime Brunettes
All Addams items for Belleza Freya and Isis, Legacy, Maitreya and Slink Original and Hourglass bodies.


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