Blogger Challenge #5 – The Silver Screen

Blogger Challenge #5 - The Silver Screen
You might recall that the last few months have included a few blogger challenges. I linked the previous posts up in my last blogger challenge post (the one set by Isa), so you can go check back if you’re interested.

However, this is a brand new Second Life blogger challenge and it’s #5 – The Silver Screen. I set this challenge to see how we can pay homage to the movies we most love. If you’d like to do this blogger challenge, it’s easy. Simply prepare a picture that reflects the movie you most love, do a quick blog explaining why and link it back to this one. Then we’ll include you in any future blogger challenges and perhaps you can choose the theme in the future.

Can you guess the movie I chose? Gosh I hope so, although it is a very old film indeed.

Gone With The Wind is one of my all-time favourite films. I fell in love with Scarlett O’Hara’s character the first time I saw it and yes, I know she’s incredibly flawed. I’m going to explain why I love her anyway.

She was someone who made a difference in an environment where she was expected to be demure and quiet. A woman who who never said die and kept picking herself up and taking on the world once more. She made some seriously unpopular life decisions to try to keep Tara – the plantation – and was responsible for the welfare of the rest of the family when times were tough.

My favourite part is when she pulls down the green velvet curtains to make a dress so that she can go and flutter her eyelashes at Rhett to get him to fall for her charms. So, that’s the part I chose for my picture, even though my dress is not made of velvet curtains, hopefully you get a similar impression.


I also related to her because we have a similar RL eyebrow… I know that sounds tenuous, but basically it’s one eyebrow that tends to sit higher and more curved than the other, giving you a look of permanent skepticism, haha. I’ve emulated this in my SL picture.


Well, I hope I have shown you enough of my enthusiasm for you to go and have a try too, the blogger challenge will last until the middle of October at least, so you have plenty of time to join in. Don’t forget to link up or we won’t know you did it and can’t come and look ❤

What ARE you wearing?

tram D425 hair / amber
[NC] – Morgana – COMMON Black Cloak + Ribbon
[NC] – Fairy Princess – Green Dress
!Abyss Designs! Feather Hat White

Note: The cloak does not work with the dress and isn’t meant to, they are from separate gachas – the cloak cuts into the back of the dress, I just found them suitable for my picture due to the view and angle ❤


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