Feeling cute today…

Feeling cute today... might cut a bitch

Hey hey bloggies! It has been almost a week since my last confession. I’ve been busy (as you can probably see from the picture). No seriously, busy doing normal things that normal people do rather than stabby things that crazy people do.

As October has officially begun, so has the rather darker aspects of blogging for Second Life. I’m not a fan of Halloween and the reasons why make a thrilling tale, which I will no doubt tell you nearer the time. As with all good Halloween stories, you can be sure of plenty of horror and tension to come.

It got cold here and that’s another thing I’m supposed to like but am not doing much in reality. I think I just need to dig out my woollies from last year and go for it. It’s no good just layering up my Summer clothes any more. I’m sitting here freezing and part of that is due to the fact I am having a competition with myself – how long can I leave it before having the heating on? My house is very old, it has high ceilings and wood floors and as a result, it’s like burning hard cash when I put the heating on. I’ve just bought a couple more rugs to help with that and I figure I can put them down in Winter and take them up again in Summer if I want to enjoy non-trippable flooring once more.

In other news, I noticed that many people mentioned to me that they had downloaded the Black Dragon viewer with the intention of using it for photographs in SL, but had not been able to get to grips with the controls.

I’ve done a short video to show you what controls I use (and where to find them). I chose a lovely spot in which to record the video, but didn’t take into account a texture that had been put over the water and caused really big jagged shadows on my face and neck… gah. You’ll see if you hit ‘play’ and listen to me talk about it. Sorry bout that! Aside from that, my limited guidance should be of some use, I hope.

It’s worth noting that while I think Black Dragon is unbeatable for visuals in Second Life, it’s not as easy for just about anything else. Communicating, getting changed etc. is all a bit more difficult than with other viewers (although entirely possible).

I am not an expert on the viewer, but if you have any questions I’ve not touched on in the video, feel free to ask them in the comments below (or to make any other comment) and I will respond as helpfully as possible. Unless you’re horrid in which case I may get a bit stabby!

What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Insilico
GingerFish Poses – She’s a Killer – Salem til 31st Oct
Bolson Tattoos – Osiris
Unicorn Thorn Bloody Hands – not in store currently
lock&tuft – Gas Mask (Hair, Base & Mask)
!APHORISM! – Ann Crop Top – Fameshed til 27 Oct
BUENO -Victory Shorts – Uber til 22 Oct
BUENO -Tempted Necklaces-Lara-Fatpack – Anthem til 30 Oct

Aphorism’s Ann Crop Top comes in a choice of 8 colours, each with 3 different fabric types. You can also enjoy the fatpack (8 colours x 3 fabric styles) check out the demo for all options. Fits are Maitreya – Belleza Isis/Freya – Slink Hourglass!

Bueno’s Tempted Necklace also comes in mesh body fits. Hurrah for that. I do love a well-fitting piece of jewellery, especially one as striking as this one. Very suitable for Halloween.

Lock&Tuft’s Gas Mask is a full or half mowie with the gas mask. You can change the colour of your gas mask and various parts of it too via the included HUD and can also have it with particles or without (so you look like you’re breathing through it). It’s unbelievably good and there was no tricky fitting, it was perfect on me out of the box.

GingerFish’s ‘She’s a Killer’ Pose set comes with the requisite knives to make any party go with a swing 😀 It’s perfect Halloween stuff! Go try it out.



  • I’m a bit conflicted about this Halloween thing, myself. I get that it can be a lot of fun, but I really don’t need any gruesome stuff in my life :-\ So I tend to choose decorations for my SL café that are more on the funky and fun side 🙂

    As for the dragon, I’ve heard of it, but not tried it myself so far. I might though, now that the days grow shorter and afternoons darker and I get to cozy up at home in my two sweaters, two pair of wool socks and a choice hot beverage… Thanks for the tutorial!

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    • We sound on similar wavelengths Joey. Especially about the afternoon sessions being cosy and playing with things… And the Halloween thing… In fact, are you me? 😲 xx

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  • This is a very informative video , i like that you took the time to show us but with that said i have also heard of Blackdragon not being very user friendly as well as heavy on computers. I cant comment myself on it for which i have yet to try but it seems more so its being use for photography than anything else. I love the vivid colors and graphics of it but if its a difficult user doubt i use.. but please keep showing us your videos.. ty

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Candy, yeah some of what you heard is probably true. It’s not so intuitive as Firestorm, for example, for every day use. It’s actually less demanding on your PC when you’re using better graphics though. I think it’s worth a try if you enjoy photography. Thanks for watching my video, I might try another one soon xxx


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