Marshmallows don’t harsh my mellow

Marshmallows don't harsh my mellow

Anyone want a melty marshmallow? This time of year has a distinct smell for me – wood burning, the acridity of smoke, the sweetness of something good melting.

My next-door neighbours have been away this week on holiday, which is great. Sadly for them, the weather has been rubbish and they went to Wales. They should be back tomorrow and that’s fine too, they’re good people. I’ve just enjoyed the freedom of being as noisy as I want. I’m not a very noisy person but sometimes I like to sing without fear of being overheard and my stairs are very creaky and noisy and I’ve not had to tip-toe up and down at all.

I also did some planting yesterday with no self-consciousness at all about bending over and showing them my best side. I’ve got to go out soon and see how many of the previous plants I bought on Wednesday survived my cat’s early morning rampage through the flowerbed. She seems to think it’s a game – I plant things and she digs them up.

I planted a few bulbs last week and the next day she’d dug them up and then done a kitty-shit on the top. I’ve got about 60 bulbs to go in today… that could be some poopfest indeed!

What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Camp Ippos
Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Romy Mesh Hair w/Hat
Dress – Cynful Mainstore – Turtleneck Dress – Fifty Linden Friday (Seraphim site link)
Tights – AviCandy Knit Tights – Neutral

Cynful’s offering for Fifty Linden Friday today is extremely generous – and gorgeous. At a mere 50L$ a pack, you get a fabby knitted turtleneck dress with 4 colour choices in each pack. So yeah… basically, a darks pack and a lights pack, with 4 frocks in each. This blue is from the darks pack and is one of my favourite colours ever. Go grab it at the mainstore.

I’ve also put Seraphim’s link to the previews for everything that is available this FLF, cus I’m THAT nice ❤



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