The last ice-cream


The last ice-cream

I was lying in bed last night at around 2.30 am worrying about nothing and everything. Do you ever feel like that too? There’s nothing specifically wrong in my life, most days everything is peachy and yet, when I try to shut down, a thousand faceless worries consume me.

It’s a kind of low-level dread of something bad happening, a wish to be left alone, reprimanding myself for any time I’ve been grumpy with or snapped at someone (usually the people I love most).

I think it’s something everybody feels when they have a lot on and are under pressure, but sometimes it happens when I’m not under pressure – not from outside anyway – I’m under pressure from myself to be better, be more. To clean the bathroom (to have already cleaned the bathroom), to play with the cat instead of telling her not to bug me when I’m working, to talk more meaningfully with someone I’m worried about (instead of messing it up as I have done) to just BE BETTER.

Anxiety affects most of us at some point in our lives and although I always try to look on the bright side and get up each morning with a good attitude, I don’t always manage to stay that way until bedtime.

I don’t want to get you folks down either, I don’t want this to be a depressing blog, I want it to be fun. But I went online to do the NHS anxiety test last night (and scored pretty high). For each area of the anxiety, they suggested I talk to someone as the solution. I mean, that’s all very well and I will endeavor to do so (am doing so now aren’t I?) but what then?

What happens when I say ‘I tend to suffer anxiety at the very time I’m supposed to be winding down for sleep’? and you guys say ‘Oh! Me too!’ or ‘Oh! That’s shitty’ and we both say ‘Yeahhhh, tis shitty’.

Talking is not a magic wand. I think what might be is taking some control of my life. I mean, I do have some control of my own life obviously, but taking more control of it for a while to make me feel better. I shall do some jobs I’ve been putting off this week (if I can raise the energy) and I will set aside some time to play with my cat each day and I will make time to talk properly to the people I care about about their problems and not just think ‘AAAGH leave me alone’.  I might even get back on my exercise bike!

Ok, it’s a plan. You’ve been most helpful, thank you ❤ And remember, I’m here if you want to talk to me too! Just hit the ‘comment’ box below x



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  • Lay down on my sofa and tell me all about it…Oh hang on, Im on the sofa too!!! Perfectly normal and yes talking is good. Why do you think I vlog? Because I can tell a few hundred people stuff that I cant bring to tell those nearest to me…xx

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  • I have those nights, too. They’re relatively rare, but when they hit, it’s overwhelming. The thing that I’ve learned is that no matter was is bothering me is amplified at 2:00AM, but by the time the sun rises, it sames to fade with the night.

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  • Don’t worry guys. As long as you eat your veggies and be good peepels and do your work everything’s gonna be alright. And now, go and sleep!
    Hey, that’s an order! I really meant it. =^.^=

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    • Congratulations! You’re now top of my list to call at 2am, because that’s just what I wanted to hear xx


  • Bedtime is usually when my anxiety is at it’s worst. I think it’s because I don’t like letting go of control over myself and that is something one has to do in order to go to sleep so instead my brain just throws whatever it can at me to keep me awake.

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    • Yes that makes a lot of sense to me too Alyss. I think the days when perhaps we were put to bed by someone ‘in charge’ and we didn’t have to be in control were the best xx

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  • I have those nights too. Where my brain won’t shut off no matter what I do. The most inconsequential thing will pop into my mind and be the entire focus of the worry all night long. The harder I try to turn it off the worse it gets.
    I have found certain things make it worse, while, other things help. For example, eating a snack before bed, or sugary foods (chocolate) will keep me awake. What helps me is to turn off the computer/electronics at least twenty minutes before bed.

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  • I’m so glad I could help. *laughs* Yes, it does happen to us all, but I don’t think the “talking to someone” means just tell someone you have it and go on about your business. Come to my office inworld. We’ll actually talk about our anxiety and different ways we can help one another. How’s that? ♥U

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    • Thanks Bebe. I don’t feel alone with it now. I logically know it happens to most people, but it doesn’t always feel that way does it? Massive hugs to you xx


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