Of the night


Of the night

Ooh Mavis, will you switch that light off? What do you mean ‘It’s the sun?’

“I awake as you lie abed and I sneaks queek peeks at your feet, nommy nom. And I make my way to your squidgy little freedge and I steals your cheese for my eats…”

Good day to you blog readers! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, this week is jetting by so fast it’s like my motions after an ill-advised kebab. Sorry, that was gross.

I’ve been trying to figure out when I can make some time to take my Mum to see the Knife Angel. The 27 foot work of art has recently been brought to a place near us and she really wants to go see it – I do too! Knife crime in the UK has been rising scarily for the last few decades and now it is a huge concern. Young people, particularly in inner-cities, seem to think carrying a knife is normal and using it is an option. Stabbings of (most commonly) young, male victims are commonplace and the ‘Save a life – Surrender a knife’ campaign was born.

The idea behind it is that any person can walk in to a police station in the UK and hand over a knife and they will not be questioned about it. Those knives were collected by the British Ironwork Centre in Owestry and they used them to create a national monument against violence – the Knife Angel. The Angel travels the country, staying in one place for a few weeks and then being moved on to raise awareness of the scheme and to highlight the problems of knife-crime and violence amongst our youth.

And why am I in my underwear to talk to you about this? Well, it made you look, you dirty duck, you wash your face in cow-muck. (Oft-repeated rhyme of my junior school years – I can only apologise). 😀

What ARE you wearing?

Mug – Jian :: Coffee Cup
Ciggie – FNKY! Cigarette II (marketplace)
Hair – tram mainstore – I0528 hair
Undies – Cynful Mainstore The Edge Lingerie Set –  Collabor88 til Nov 6th NEW!
Sparkles – Cynful Mainstore Pixie Dust –  Collabor88 til Nov 6th NEW!

The Cynful Edge Lingerie Set can be found at C88 til 6th November 2019 and after that in the mainstore. A single colour pack contains 25 Lace Bra Colors, 25 Lace Panty Colors and 8 Metal Colors.

The Fatpack has 30 Lace Bra Colors, 30 Lace Panty Colors, 30 Bra Strap Colors, 30 Panty Strap Colors and 8 Metal Colors.

In other words, with a single pack, you choose the outline colour you want for the straps and you can have a contrasting lace cup and knickers lace if you like. With the fatpack, you can have all the colours anywhere you like, any time.

The set is rigged for following sizes: Belleza Freya, Maitreya Lara, Legacy Female and Slink Hourglass.

The super-cute Pixie Dust (which lost some of its definition in my photo but you can see it in full detail here comes in 20 Glitter Colors, 3 Glitter/Glow Options and Add ons. It shows as Extreme, Medium and light options on the HUD. You can expect it in the same sizes as the lingerie, plus 2 un-rigged exploded pixie dust add-ons.



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