They say, don’t they, that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know? Well, I’ve seen many collaborations from bloggers on Second Life and I’ve taken part in one or two before myself, but sometimes it’s so much easier and more satisfying because you’re already friends.

I met Sia (aka Sheila Breen) some time ago by commenting on her Flickr and saying I liked her stuff and she could probably teach me a thing or two. She (much to my surprise) said she would share some tips and encouraged me to contact her inworld. Now we’re good buddies and we have a laugh. I like that she instinctively ‘gets me’ even though for her, English is her second (or third – darn, she’s so clever) language.

So, hat’s off to Sia for being a super photographer, blogger and friend ❤ Here’s her picture of the two of us with the credits for her own outfit.

I find connections in Second Life fascinating. How you can meet some people and even through the medium of type, you just KNOW they are your kind of person and sometimes, not only that, they actually are one of your people, but you only just met them.

I’ve met a handful of people in Second Life for whom I’ve had strong feelings of togetherness very quickly, Thom was the first of course. That amazes me. How could I possibly drop onto the head of a man at 6 days old and he be the one who I stay with for 11 years? Just dumb luck, I suppose.

I’ve had some amazing connections with friends too, one of which led to a total career change for me in my first life and a lot of help and kinship, for which I’m forever grateful.

I’ve got friends in some places I’ve never seen, people who have experiences I never could dream of and still I can feel like I’m with them as wholly as someone in the same room.

I’d love to hear about some of the connections you feel with people from Second Life, or if you’re not a part of the SL community, how about people you have met online, through blogging or social media? Tell me everything, I’m feeling squishy.


What ARE you wearing?

Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Shorts & Belts NEW!
Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Wrap Around Cardigan NEW!
Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Boots High Heels NEW!
Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Stockings – Sheer&Opaque NEW!
Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Tops Alone NEW!
Lock&Tuft – Witcher hair & hat (Blondes) NEW!
[MANDALA] Sagarmatha Necklace
Reek – Bandaids – Autumn Plaid – Older item, system layer, not on marketplace any longer.

First off, let’s take a look at Blueberry’s ‘Can’t Relate’ Outfit, which is perfection!

Blueb says… the Mega Pack will be 30% OFF for 1 week only! Don’t miss out on this iconic Blueberry set.

🔥Shoes and Stockings Pack: Stockings come in 5 versions. Opaque, Sheer, Sheer+, Sheer++, Fishnet. They can all be worn tiptoe or flat.

Shoes also come in flat or high heel, soles and metals can be customized.

🔥Shorts on FIRE: The shorts come with optional belts, perfectly match your colors to your boots or cardigans. I added a little “thank you for your patience” bonus to the fat pack. Fire version of all 20 colors can be found in the fat pack or mega pack.

🔥Cardigans: Each purchase comes with worn or waist wrapped cardigans and available in 3 texture modes.

Fuzzy: Very cozy texture, cold weather staple.

Knit: A classic knit for every day wear.

Cotton: Very sporty casual style. Feels more like a sweater than a cardigan with this version.

Built in tops are available and optional for the cardigans.

🔥Tops alone: Tops alone can be purchased as a mini pack, they are also included in the cardigans fat pack, and of course the mega pack.

Whoa… that’s quite a pack. My advice – go grab some or all of it, each element is unmissable in its own way.

NEXT! Lock&Tuft’s Witcher hair and hat. I think it’s perfect for this time of year. I mean, it’s not a Witches hat per se, but who’s to say what the fashionable witch about town is wearing this year? Well… I am. And they are wearing this. You buy a colour pack and aside from the many choices of hair colour, there’s an additional HUD to change the hat colour. They’re all dark wintery shades including black – obvs!



  • What a lovely blog. I wont talk about my connections as I have lately had some right wackos enter my existence. However there are people such as yourself and Wynn and Jamie who have been around in my existence for a long time but not in each others pockets if that makes sense? I have a few close people who I may sometimes spend time with but you know me. Ever the lone wanderer. Most of my SL friends I keep more in touch with outside SL rather than inside SL. Go figure on that one. I guess because I discovered people I didn’t want to leave when I turned off my pc and put them to bed.I wanted to know them outside of the virtual world too and so I do. Friendships made in SL can be amazing. Life long friendships that go on for a long time.
    BTW something up with wordpress. Not only does it not want to give me the ability to create new posts on and off I just noticed why I wasn’t getting your blogs, it damn well made me unfollow you!! HOnestly it wasn’t me. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nooooooo, bad bad wordpress! Xxx 😂 I think you’re right… Friends are just friends, wherever we found them. Hugs you lovely xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lol WordPress has done some odd things lately. I blog from my phone usually but the app keeps suddenly shutting mid writing. Also a blog I release the other day is still also sitting in my drafts and public!!! Most odd
      I feel it’s deffo running up to spooky times xx

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  • Oooooh! Fab post very interesting to say the least. It’s funny that I logged into my blog just now and saw this post of yours, simply because I was thinking about a post for two weeks, “Friendships On Second Life/Trying To Make New Friends” or as in my case “lack of” and how hard I find it to actually make friends now. It was much easier & people were more open back in 2011 when I joined. I adore you blog & these two outfits you’re both wearing are adorable. Well done Meri hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thanks Cherri. You know you’re probably right that being in sl, it is harder to make friends these days. I think most new people I’ve got to know have been through social media outside sl recently. Hugs you, stay awesome xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  • Interesting. I am not one to make friends easily and there have been acquaintances coming and going in SL. The two people I am connected closest to, though, are those I stumbled into right from the beginning. I sense a pattern 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh yeah maybe… that we’re most open to it when we’re new? That IS a thought. I did sort of close off for a while when my friends list seemed large and I had the club. It was like… enough friends for now. But these days I guess I’m more open again, after a break. I think you never again can lose the caution you learn fairly quickly in SL though after being hurt a few times by people you thought you could trust. Thanks Joey, that IS interesting thinking ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe we are more open when we are new to SL. When I first came to SL I let just about everyone onto my friends list. Looking back now I can see where there are times when I have let more people onto my friends list than at other times. When the friends list gets to be a certain size I tend to slow down on adding people, and even go through and remove people.
      I have often thought that instead of calling it the “friends list” it should have been named: Contact List. Because not everyone on the list is a “friend” but someone I might want to stay in touch with.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes that’s a very good point. They have given us the ability to sort into groups but it’s not ever so useful on a day to day basis. Xx

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