Magic Month

Magic Month

I’ve got my man arriving tomorrow. Instead of rolling out the red carpet, I’m rolling out a list of jobs he’s agreed to do around the house. I will, however, be doing my version of killing the fatted calf, as I propose to make sure he’s well fed and looked after.

Last night he found a comment I’d put on one of his Facebook photographs and was surprised. So was I. I was surprised because FB confirmed it had been 10 YEARS since I made that comment!

So, there you go people. If the one you love isn’t responding to your social media comments, fret not. They may be suffering from a severe delayed reaction. 😀

In other news, I was assaulted by two women dressed all in blue yesterday. Yup, I went to see the nurse at my local practice and she took blood from me while another one stuck a flu jab in my upper arm – same arm. Then, the nasty pair suggested I have a nice day. Some people!

I went to my Mum’s house after that. She’d been mooching around and saying she had to mow the lawn this week until I’d agreed to help her with it. Note the terminology I used there? OK then, we’re on the same page.

Mum decided that she would organise things by having me ‘make a start on the lawn’ while she washed her pots.  Er… okay, I guess.

I mowed the lawn with my poor aching arm(s) and staggered back into the house to see her leisurely playing with soap suds like the Fairy baby on the bottle.

I feared I had been ‘had’ despite her acting all innocent. I told her I’d not put the mower away or reeled up the extension cable but had finished mowing the lawn and she said, ‘Oh I hate reeling up the extension cable, I find it difficult’. I said ‘Yeah, I do too’ (this is not my first lawn-mowing rodeo), and dragged myself off to get a Coke and have a cigarette.

After approximately 2 minutes rest, the guilt set in. I fixed her lamp which wasn’t working (wasn’t plugged in!) and then thought the phrase ‘GAH!’ and went back outside.

She was down the garden decorating herself with grass, it seemed. I asked what she was doing and she said ‘getting the grass out from the blades, there’s a lot’. I looked at her hands, green and slimy almost to the elbows and agreed, I suggested she clean the mower when the grass had dried, instead. Of course, she was far too mucked up to reel in the extension cable, so I did it, o.0.

I suggest to you, reader, that my mother is a witch.

How are you doing? Do people ever take advantage of your good-nature? Do you think I’m a rotten meanie for not volunteering to always mow all the lawn? I think I might be but the thing is, I don’t enjoy doing it and it makes my back hurt – but I guess she’s so much older than me that her back must hurt even more. GAH!


What ARE you wearing?

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    • OH I KNOW! I knew you’d understand Rob. You’re the best. May I have some ice-cream now and sit on a lounger and recuperate? Thankee ❤

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  • My daughter never mows my lawn but then I don’t have any lawn to mow. I would give my right hand to have her do my bathroom like super clean but nah. So I am rather in awe of you doing so. Dont ever stop. It may hurt but I can imagine how much she appreciates it, as much as I would. You may have been had but me thinks you dont mind either 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I honestly don’t mind helping Mum out, especially as she ages. I think any resentment I do feel is down to the fact I am one of three children she has and the only female, and yet I’m the only one who does anything for her in terms of support. However… that’s a whole other Pandora’s Box of shite that you don’t need to get into with me ❤ I hope your daughter appreciates you and helps you out when you need it pretty-face xx

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    • Yep boys tend to leave it to their sisters. Habit more than anything.
      My kids are typically doing their lives. Which I want them to do.
      I tend to not ask for help from them as I’ll do plenty of that when I do eventually retire. Oh they won’t know what hit them lol

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    • Yeah, I think your attitude is right. Your kids are young and won’t have the aches and pains that we develop as we get older, but I think the good side of that happening is empathy. They’ll be there when you really need it xxx

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    • Lol they have no choice. I told them both they take turns on looking after me in my declining years lol.
      My son quips up with nahhh you’ll be put in home. Sorted his home lol

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