Why would you use Bakes on Mesh?


OH my god! It’s so cold today. In RL I’m wearing what I think of as my ‘penniless writer’ outfit. It comprises pink fluffy slipper boots, socks, blue and black thermal leggings, a Ramones T-shirt, blue sweater, grey heavy-weight cardigan, a pink woolly hat and some fingerless gloves. Yuh, sexy.

I want to talk to you about Bakes on Mesh. This is not a ‘how to’ post per se, but it is going to help you if you’ve not yet embraced BoM. I hope!

If you are a pre 2011 avatar (that’s a loose timeline, but I hope roughly correct) you will remember wearing system clothes on your system body. We all came with the standard body we were ‘born’ with and adapted it using different skins and shapes. We then added clothing that was a layer laid over the top of our body skin, sometimes with prims or flexi-prims added for realism. So we’d put on a pair of skin tight trousers and add trouser bottom prims to make them look like they had cuffs. Or a belt. Or a dress with a flarey skirt – you get the idea I think.

There were various layers you could utilise – tattoo, underwear, top/pants, jacket.

If you were ‘born’ into the mesh era, you won’t recall any of that but will think that clothes always had a shape independent of your avatar but would fit onto your body. Originally mesh used to come in sizes and you had to choose the one that best fitted your avatar and alpha out the bits that stuck out (ah fitted mesh, boy was that a good day!).

Of course now we have mesh so well fitted to our mesh bodies that it’s almost like real life – so why would you want to go back to layers on your body? Right?

Well, no, and I’ve not finished yet either.

You can get appliers for your mesh body and head, such as tattoos and skins, make-ups and hair bases. All fabulous innovations but often restricted to the amount you can apply via your mesh body or head’s HUD. Saving such items can be a challenging task and knowing what they are when you see a tiny thumbnail in your HUD is another brain-ache.

How many times have you thought ‘Oh that lipstick – that great lipstick – what was it called? Who made it? Where the HELL did I put it?’ Yeah… me too.

Mesh heads for me meant that I almost gave up on using make-up entirely. I’d get my ‘base face’ on and that was mostly it. I found Catwa slightly more forgiving of playing with make-ups as there were a lot of save slots, but with using the Genus head now, I’m finding making changes undesirable. (No, I’m not a fan of the Genus head HUD… although the head itself is wonderful).

Another great innovation Linden Labs gave us ‘back in the day’ was the ability to save our outfits and name them whatever we wished. I tend to use descriptive words and so it works as an ‘aide memoire’ when trying to remember what I wore on a certain occasion, or an outfit saved for an occasion in the future.

However, because of mesh bodies, heads, HUDs etc. it’s not possible to see what make-ups, hairbases or tattoos you wore for that outfit in the outfit saved list. Unless you painstakingly add all the relevant HUDs to your screen before saving the outfit (done that a few times!).

As a blogger, it’s very important to be able to credit designers whose products you have used in a picture and ‘invisible’ items (as I came to think of them) often get left out.

I bring you back around to Bakes on Mesh now. Although many might be intimidated by the idea of setting up BoM on their body and head, I would urge you to do so. I’m not going to do a full ‘how to’ because so many already have and to great effect. Virtual Bloke has done a great ‘BoM for Dummies’ post which (while long) will answer the majority of questions you might have about how to actually get it working with your own setup.

The main point I will make is that you can only use BoM if you have the ability to apply your skin as a bake. That means that the skin you use must be available as a layer rather than an applier and your head and body must be either BoM ready or have a relay HUD. You can get the Omega relay HUD for your head and body on the Second Life Marketplace.

Then – OH BUT THEN – you can begin to simply right click and add make-up layers, tattoo layers, tights, socks, hairbases and – in my opinion best of all – you can save your outfit and see exactly what you were wearing.

And best of best of all, you can wear up to 62 layers!!! Yeah… oh the detail. As JuicyBomb pointed out, there will be many options available to both make-up designers and us users… the ability to add sheen or sparkle to an existing look, for example. Layering daytime looks to evening looks etc.

It took me a little patience (waiting for my body parts and skin to be updated) and then only about ten minutes to get set up inworld and now I’m free. I can add, view, remove, all without having to lug a HUD around! Join me ❤

Have you tried BoM yet? Let me know what you think in the comments, or feel free to ask questions – I’ll do my best to help xx

What ARE you wearing?

Addams Mainstore // Cecilia Lace Outfit, Mask & Boots NEW!
Addams Mainstore // Janis Winter Coat
FAKEICON / mary gems collar Fameshed
JIAN :: Bat
[KKLRS] Hair – Sybylla

KoKoLoReS have a treat for you! A gift hair with wee tiny horns to make it perfect. They announce it thusly:

“It’s Hocus Pocus time again!  From Oct 25th – Nov 9th, you can try to charm the Grumpy Ghoul – one time each day, by saying hocus pocus in local chat – try to be convincing!

If you are, he’ll give you the Sybylla hair for free, if not, you’ll have to try again next day – or buy the hair for 50L if you can’t wait.

Sybylla is an unrigged, resizable style and comes with little glittery horns growing right out of your head. There are four texture options for the horns, and they are tintable, too, like the hair is. Sybylla comes with 182 texture options.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!”

Aww, bless lovely Sisch, that sounds a fun game. Go get your freebie (or 24 hours of purgatory).

The Addams Cecilia lingerie refers to itself as a nightdress which is a misnomer, it’s a lace bodysuit, with an optional flower bra (not shown). It’s one of three lingerie releases sent out yesterday to bloggers and so I will no doubt be showing you more from that pack over the course of the next week.




  • Thank you for doing a BOM post, dear Meri! (And showing off my stuff so beautifully, you always do ❤️️). I’ve got the feeling that a lot of people have not understood what being able to use the system layers really means, I’ve read a good few comments were people angrily stated they would NOT go back to looking like a 2009 avatar. For one, we now have 1024×1024 textures where before we had only 512×512, so BOM layers made and uploaded that size look as crisp and clear on the body/face like those applied by a hud (with the exception of high rez lipsticks for Genus/Catwa, those are only possible by wearing them via hud).And then of course you do not have to go to the bottomless depths of your inventory and pull out old layer stuff – some of us sentimental oldies have done that, yes, but you can get all those new shiny BOM layer stuffs and I promise you they won’t look antiquated on your heavenly body/face at all.
    All else I want to say is: 62 LAYERS!!
    *ahem* carry on. 😄
    And trust Meri!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yessssssss! You make some excellent points my sweet. I agree some see it as going backwards but it’s far from it. I can’t wait for more new make ups to come out so I can play xxx x hugs. Thanks for the awesome 😘 hair

      Liked by 1 person

  • So, one of my favorite stores from long ago was Nomine.. They made the most amazing fantasy/horror skins. Sadly she left before the whole mesh craze and i wasnt able to wear her skins with my slink body. With BoM i can wear them again and have awesome creepy avs! BoM is simple to use, and works with any of your old system layers, so all those old Bare Rose outfits can be worn again. I am very glad they implemented this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nomine were awesome, I have a few of their old skins and both Thom and I wore them. There was a softness to the textures which we loved. You rock on Drake xx


  • Fabulous post Meri, but……. as of yet I haven’t “embraced” BoM but I did try the relays, I got a little freaked out and instantly clicked back on my non BoM outfit and appliers, someday when I’m feeling brave I’ll give it whirl again (because I’m a hoarder, I have tons of system things tucked away in a box just waiting) Stay warm, its pretty darn chilly here in Massachusetts as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I had a nervous foray and my body turned red and I panicked, lol. I can relate. I should have created a proper copy of the whole thing first and then played with the new version until I was sure. Let me know if you do the BoM though. Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    • The nickname for Masshole came from all lot of different things as I understand : massive street potholes,the big dig project,people from Massachusetts being crazy sports fans,(think there’s a bit of bitter grapes on other state’s side LOL) and crazy Massachusetts drivers(I’m scared to drive in Boston!) I also heard there’s some history with Maine (I’m not up on that)LOL hugs

      Liked by 1 person

    • That is so interesting! I was supposed to drive out of Boston in an RV… I chickened right out when I saw the traffic. And yes the in-laws are in Maine, I got a whiff of sour grapes too I think. 😂 xxx

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  • I’m excited to see the new innovations with clothing using BOM! The biggest draw for me has been makeup as I haven’t been able to play much with the lack of layers on Genus! I’m having so much fun so far! Great read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly Yasmin. We get to play with these cute heads finally… I’m still hoping they do a huge update on the Hud and animations. ❤


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