So I guess I should try to explain the photo. No? Ok. Suffice it to say, I do try to be a good girl most of the time.

I’m very excited in RL at the moment. The reason is that this is the first home I’ve had which I didn’t share with anyone else at any point. That sounds overly complicated, but you see… I’ve lived alone before but only after a relationship, and then only for a relatively short time, and not in a house I was in a position to re-do after the relationship ended.

Yeah, so this house was my blank canvas, my opportunity to put my mark on it and do each room as I really want it. As the house was largely white when I moved in, it wasn’t terrible and some rooms are fine as they are. The living room, however, is important to me. I want it to be just perfect and currently one wall has wallpaper with huge red flowers on it (which just isn’t me).

I’m aiming for something along these lines:


I love blue, it’s my favourite colour. I have a gorgeous yellow armchair that Mum and Thom bought me when I moved in, so that’ll work well in the blue room. I also have a nice rug with some blue in it that should look good and keep my feet warm (wood floors do tend to get cold). I have a much nicer fireplace than the one pictured. Mine is original black cast iron and working for log or coal fires.

The up-side of living alone is that I can do whatever my little heart desires and nobody can say I can’t. The down-side is that sometimes it’s good to have someone’s input into the finer details. This is where YOU come in!

Which of these blues do you think would work best? The first is called Atlantic Surf 3 and the second is called Pebble Drift 2. Do leave me your comments below, I really could do with some input – also any further ideas appreciated, but I prefer Dulux paints! (Although I have about 30 samples so far, haha).

I’ve booked a proper decorator (with proper insurance and everything, haha) to come at the end of November. Tres, tres excitement!





What ARE you wearing?

Lingerie – Addams Mainstore Helene Bra, Panty, Gloves, Boots and Tiara
Hair – Stealthic Mainstore Plush Browns

Went shopping in Second Life today… and that never happens! I got more lingerie from Addams. I think of this as my ‘good girl’ lingerie look… so god knows what caused the sore buttocks. I popped by Stealthic too and bagged myself this cute ponytail. Just cus I’m worth it.


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