Chilly morning walk

Chilly Morning Walk


Flippin Brr, right?!? These mornings I’m getting up and putting clothes on almost straight away, my bathroom seems so far away and so cold. Bed calls me like a warm, soft siren and it’s all I can do to resist her. (OK sometimes I do get back in for five minutes but I’m only human).

Yesterday I was awoken by the doorbell at about half nine. It was Sunday. I responded like a Disney Princess of course (pff) and arose promptly. After wrapping myself in the dressing gown which covers me the most, I hoisted up my blind, opened the bedroom window and called ‘Hello?’

I could see a delivery man going back to his van halfway down the street, he stopped and was about to speak when he was interrupted by a figure across the street, who was standing there watching me unabashed. It was mid-life crisis. He shouted ‘It’s for me’ which caused me to furrow my brow… if it was for him, why had the man rung my doorbell?

I looked at the delivery man who said ‘I has one you too’ (for English was his second language). I smiled at the delivery man and pressed the bip button on my keys to unlock my car and asked him to please put it in the car.

Mid-life crisis still stared up at me. ‘Good idea that’ he called. I nodded. ‘Having a lie-in?’ I nodded again. I locked the car and did a little wave and then put down my blind again. It’s always good to do a morning show for the neighbours.

An hour or so later when I was going out in my car I saw him come back down the street in his convertible (even though it was freezing cold), his beady eyes fixed on me, and I quickly turned the keys in my car’s ignition. My car coughed and shuddered and quite plainly thought I was being a bit demanding considering it was a Sunday and it was cold, but I insisted and we bunny-hopped through our three-point-turn and took off before Mr MLC could corner me and bore me shitless with his lady-patter.

One could assume it’s hard to corner a woman in a car, but he manages it. He once stood so close to my car door I was trapped in there and so I forced open the door and handed him the vegetables my Mum had given me to hold while I got out.

You might think I’m being mean calling my neighbour ‘Mid Life Crisis’, but quite honestly, I think he’d be flattered. He’s 60, if he’s a day, and long past his mid-point I would think. Seems his crisis is ongoing though, thus the name.


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