I thought it was Thursday

I thought it was Thursday


I thought it was Thursday, but it’s only Wednesday. I set my alarm last night to get up on time for work. I hopped (for I am a bunny) straight into the shower once arisen and made arrangements to speak to my bestie today ‘cus she always has her old fella down from Friday and so is unavailable all weekend. I called my Mum and told her I had to wait in for my shopping to be delivered between 12 and 2.

Course none of that applies now, as it’s only Wednesday. I don’t work Wednesday. I don’t get yummy shopping deliveries today. Today is not the last day I can speak to my friend before next Tuesday. I just went and got something out of the freezer for dinner tonight.

Ok, now we’re sorted. Wednesday it is.

I was also thinking that before entering the crazy world of Second Life, it had never occurred to me to take a fluffy pompom and insert it in the upper part of the crevice between my buttocks. Now it’s fine, almost commonplace to do so.

Normal in Second Life is very different to normal in first life. For instance, in Second Life, I often ‘pof’ the legs of my friends like a Yorkshire Terrier. In day to day real life, I do not do this (often).

In SL, I dance all night without resting my feet, having a drink or going to the toilet. When Thom and I first set up home in SL, our house had to have a bathroom and a kitchen, as well as a living room and bedroom. In fact, the bathroom was the most difficult room to shop for and decide upon and once it was done, we lost interest in the bathroom pretty quickly (aside from that fateful time we closed the house shutters, got into the bath together and Thom took a photo of us naked in the bath and managed to drop it on the outside of the shutter, displaying to the neighbours what we were doing when we thought it was private and ruining our newly purpose-built home).

We used to put our avatars to bed at night when we logged off, when I logged on the next day, the first thing I would do is go and use the bathroom.

We’ve simplified matters somewhat since then. Our house now is one room –  kitchen/diner/living room/bedroom – with an outside privvy and a lake on our doorstep for bathing. Of course, we almost never go into the house at all.

In my first life, I’m big on indoor plumbing. In fact, I refuse to go anywhere without it.

So many things are different in SL, so many things are normal in SL that would be remarkable in real life.

Do you try to live in Second Life the way you do in your real life? Do you shower, eat, sleep?

Or, have you done things in your first life inspired by your Second Life?


What ARE you wearing?

Storybrooke Gardens
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DOUX – Stella Hairstyle [L]
KoKoLoReS – Foto Booth Pack II (both pictures using poses)


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What is this everything?

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🐰Tail (37 colors) Furry

🐰Ears BENTO (37 colors) Furry and Latex

✨Reign Part of the Set:

Boots Mega Pack: Includes knee high, thigh high, socks. Costs 400L for 1 WEEK ONLY!

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