Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is
Way, way, back in the day, when I first started Second Life, I wandered lonely as a cloud for 6 days. On the 6th day, however, I met Thom. This is an oft-told tale of boy meets girl, but not today folks. Today I want to talk about how – at 9 days older than me – Thom had been helped out by an established S’lifer and knew things I didn’t.

Within the first couple of hours of meeting Thom, I told him I wanted shoes without a clip-clop sound in them and he promised to take me to a place and showed me how his shoelaces changed colour on his Akeyo Hi-Tops. He took me, that very day, to a hair place so I could try on ‘decent’ hair (it was Truth hair, I believe). He also lent me the money to buy a hair so I didn’t feel so freaky noobish!

Within a few days, he asked me if I’d found a place to live yet… and I was amazed. “Somewhere to live?” I responded, “Do I need one?”

You see, his quick-start education from the experienced SL’er had included help in buying land and putting a house on it, so he had a place already. I guess he was told it was necessary and so passed that on to me.

We did go out looking for rentals for me for a day or so, but each place I saw was deemed unsuitable by Thom and eventually he asked if I’d like to set his place as home, and I did.

While I enjoyed the fun activity of going to freebie heaven and buying amazing and detailed, free and extortionately-primmed items and rezzing them on his land and sometimes not quite on his land – much to the chagrin of his neighbours, I still didn’t entirely get it. Why would anybody need a home in a game?

Of course, once we coupled up, we got the nesting bug and soon we had a place that felt more like home and so there seemed to be a point. Also, we had somewhere private to do naked pixel acrobatics if we wished.

Now, we’ve lived on the same land for about 10 years and although the house has changed variously during that time, the overall feel of it is home.

In truth, I don’t think you do need land or a house in Second Life, it’s perfectly well set-up for people to use sandboxes for unboxing, there’s always a quiet corner where you can go and change your avatar or work on it. There are tons of beautiful sims you can set as ‘home’ inworld, so you rezz there when you log in.

But I think what you do need is home, the feeling of home.

What was your first place like? Did you bother getting one straight away? Do you live in someone’s garden?


What ARE you wearing?

[KKLRS] Hair – Annika – The Liaison Collaborative 3-26 November
Cynful Plush Turtleneck Dress & Gloves – Cashmere – Collabor88 8 Nov – 6 Dec
REIGNXBERRY Catch Me Boots (Knee High) – Reign Mainstore
REIGNXBERRY Catch Me Stockings Add-on. – Reign Mainstore

I previously blogged the Catch Me Collection by Blueberry & Reign. but the boots and stockings were only in the second pic, so I thought I’d give them a bit more attention, for they are lush.

Cynful’s Plush Turtleneck Dress and Gloves is just perfect for this chilly weather, if you excuse the cold upper arms and legs. It comes with (optional) knickers too, so you won’t get a frozen undercarriage. As usual with Cynful, the textures and colours are plentiful and lovely, so I urge you to consider fatpacking it if you like the design and fit.

KoKoLoReS (KKLRS) by my lovely girl, Sisch Firecaster, has released the super Annika hair/headscarf. The plait and headscarf are as one (ie. you can’t remove the headscarf or use it with another hairdo) but to be fair, why would you want to? It’s SO gorgeous. Go get it at TLC ❤


  • My first place was the obligatory basement apartment in the inner city. Over time, I had felt a bit cramped and wanted to move to a rural area, which is where I am now. I still have family in the city and visit often, which satisfies my sweet tooth for all things urban.

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    • I’ve never been through my City phase. I don’t tend to enjoy the noise and bustle and prefer town or countryside to live. No chance of a garden in the city really… glad you moved out! x


    • You, bebe, are a good example of how you can live on SL but most don’t. You agree though that it’s good to have somewhere familiar and friendly to log in? Xxx


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