Do you buy yourself a Christmas present?

Do you buy yourself a Christmas present?
Yeah, I know. I said the ‘C’ word and it’s November, live with it eh? 😀

I’ve always loved Christmas. I’ve been the one in my family who tends to host, I tend to do the cooking, I do my trimming up in plenty of time and make sure it all looks and smells right. I put tons of thought into what I buy for my loved ones at Christmas (not to mention a few £££!).

On Christmas Day, we all watch each other open every single present – taking turns to do so – and really make sure we get every second’s worth of Christmassy joy from it. Even my cat gets presents and opens them herself (mostly).

Every family has their traditions and ways of doing things that becomes ‘the right way’ for them and I love hearing about what is Christmas for everybody else too.

It really surprised me some years ago when I was first getting to know Thom to hear him say ‘I will get myself that for Christmas’, because the idea of getting myself something had never occurred to me. I asked him to explain and he did – he said that rather than ask family or friends for something expensive he wanted, and risk raising the present-buying stakes to a dangerous level, he simply bought it for himself.

At first I thought it was hilarious, and then I considered it further. Once or twice he’d asked me to ‘put towards’ something he wanted because it was too expensive for one person to buy it outright and I’d said no. I like to give a present just from me, I like to wrap it and hand it over. I don’t want to put £50 towards a roof rack. There’s no romance in that (and I mean romance in its truest sense, not pink hearts and roses).

I’m now thinking that maybe his way is a good way. Why shouldn’t he have something he really wants or needs for Christmas? Why shouldn’t he buy it himself? Doesn’t it take the pressure off his loved ones not to be asked for very expensive items they can’t afford?

What do you think? is ‘Happy Christmas to me’ okay, or would you feel odd about it?


What ARE you wearing?

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    • Probably a fine bottle of red wine to enjoy next to the fire. Just like Christmas, it lasts only for one day, yet will provide memories of a beautiful experience. How about you? What’s on your wishlist?

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    • Oh that does sound lovely! Well, for me from me, I’m having my living room decorated and I’m excited about that. From others… Not sure. I like to make sure everything has a place and use, or to get jewellery or something. So yeah… a nice quality new saucepan and some diamonds haha 😝

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  • I always treat myself. Nothing major but usually to a special box choccies just for me and some smellie bath stuff from lush I love Snow Fairy. God I love that smell so much.
    I wrap it and pop it under the tree and at Xmas open it and thank myself. Kids think I’m nuts but it’s that one Xmas treat I don’t share at all and much easier to be so strict with it when I bought it myself.
    I don’t ever want anything much to be honest. That which I do want no mortal being can provide. 😊

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  • Ugh I’m afraid to answer this question 😛 I don’t want to sound like a gluttonous spoiled brat, everyone knows I’m a shopaholic so as I’m out/or online Christmas shopping for friends & family I do indulge in a little self Christmas Gift giving (I would never take away from the amounts I’ve delegated for others for myself of course) Black Friday always has the best deals! How can we resist? Great question Meri and I love all the answers you got too!
    **** Any of you bloggers/vloggers up for the “#19 Blogger/Vlogger Questions” going around? I follow several vintage themed vloggers & bloggers in rl and notice a #19 Question tag going around to get viewers/readers & blogger/vlogger friends to get to know us better. It looked like fun. I’m tempted to start it but….. what all of you think? Every time I try to get a challenge going I flop lol now I’m skittish 8~\

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    • I went straight from reading about it, here, to the event and bought it! I DO look gorgeous in it! I also went and bought that equally gorgeous Katat0nik fur jacket, I’m a Katat0nik fan from way back, and had been meaning to go and see if she’d (he’d?) made anything new, having actually not been there for at least 6 months. What I especially love about this new jacket is that it goes over my sports bra’s, and halter tops… I love creators who’s gear works with other creators gear… anyway, had to get the fatpack… so, consider yourself 100% successful in promoting those items on your lovely blog, Mericat (:

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    • Oh that’s a huge yay! I know what you mean about the jacket. I had the leopard one from when it was at collabor88 and then went and bought the red for this blog. I know I’ll use it again. I love lock&tuft stuff, but luckily I blog for them so didn’t have to buy it this time. Hugs you Sera friend xx


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