The Winter Warriors – BVNSL Collab Challenge

The Winter Warriors! BVNSL Collaboration Challenge


Hey Bloggy people! How are you on this fine Monday? I confess myself cold yet cheered by the sunshine outside.

Of course, when I got up this morning to find my boiler had dropped under pressure last night and my heating hadn’t come on, it took only a quick splash of cold water after brushing my teeth to figure out I had to rush down and fix it. Luckily, I was taught how to do it last Winter and so it was fixed in five heart-pounding minutes. The last thing I need right now is to have to buy a new boiler, so I was delighted my poor heat-maker can limp through a little longer.

You’re probably wondering about my friend? Yuh! That’s Chelsea Rae! We both decided to join in the Blogger and Vlogger Network’s Collaboration Challenge, which was a pretty scary but fun idea. You put your name in and got allocated another blogger at random to partner up with for a collaborative photo. It was just Chelsea’s bad luck to get me 😀

She’s blogging hers now, as we speak, so I’ll be able to link up to her post and her to mine and you can visit each of us and get the credits et cetera et cetera… as you can see, we had to wrap up pretty warm, but the sim was awesome and well worth the frostbite.

I thought we looked pretty fierce, so I called it ‘The Winter Warriors’.

If you’d like to hear more about what is going on at BVNSL, I’d recommend liking their Facebook page, it’s where I hear about most of this stuff.

What ARE you wearing?

Nothing new is the answer, but I’m sharing credits anyhoo…

Meri wears:

Top – !APHORISM! – Thyme Winter Sweater
Scarf – AsHmOoT_Acc. Coll_Wool Scarf/ Ice
Pants – Eaters Coma – Triple Striped Leggings / Dark Gray (Maitreya)
Hat & Hair – Moon. Hair. // Messenger (Plait with Hat)
Boots – FLite.A-Solo Snow Boots
Gloves – 8f8 SHEEP Mittens
Pose – amitie field of dreams pose

You can go see Chelsea’s picture and get her credits here – it’s so lovely ❤


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