Look at the pretty lights

Look at the pretty lights


Aww, do you want a kitty like mine? Well, the good news is that if you decide to get one like the one pictured above, it will be well-behaved, house-trained and a definite cute friend for Christmas. If you get one like my real kitty… well, things might be more unpredictable.

My own cat, Matilda, is beautiful, everybody says so. She’s half Korat and half Maine Coon (a strange combo, honestly, but it works) and her coat is silver tabby. She’s 16 months old and still kitteny as hell.


Of course, Korats are renowned for being very attached to their owners and she goes everywhere I do and does everything I do. I’m not exaggerating about doing everything I do. I was putting a fan together with my Mum a few months ago and the cat was in there, trying to help do up the screws with her paws. She assists me while cooking in as much as I will allow it, she gets involved in stacking the dishwasher and even sits on the toilet lid while I shower to ensure I don’t forget anything. Of course, once I get out, she thinks she has to groom me dry and kinda gives a little sigh, like I’m the Forth Bridge and her job will never end.

She’s the brightest and therefore naughtiest cat I’ve ever met. Christmas for her is an array of opportunities to cause chaos. The presents I wrapped yesterday all have bite and claw marks in them, they might look a little wonky. There’s also no surprising her with her gifts, she’s already found them all and attempted to get them out of their packaging.

There is one present which can’t fit in my canvas sack, it’s as tall as me and took some wrapping. She managed to get inside it and when I struggled and rocked it to try to get her out, it didn’t work. I had to resort to getting her water spray and spraying it through the gap she’d found in the paper. She burst out like an alien from the stomach of some unfortunate space-traveller, or like a stripper from a cake, leaving a cat-shaped hole in the front… am I re-wrapping it? No, I’m not. She’ll only do it again. And again.

For her, the joy of Christmas is all around and every day. She finds beauty and interest in just about everything and in that regard, she epitomises everything Christmas is about.

In other news, I did a tiny bit of video to show you a) my decorated living room (I’ll take some daylight pictures when things are back to normal too) and b) my Christmas decorations. I don’t go mad but it’s nice to have it all the colour I want this year 😀

I also decided to share with you my very bad rendition of Santa Baby I recorded for Guilty Pleasures at AAi back when it was open and to review my year of blogging while it plays. I hope you enjoy this rather odd video! I’m blushing while you listen, haha.




What ARE you wearing?

!Oleander ~ Glitter Kitty Nose
Blueberry – So Cozy – Corset Cardigans – Fitted – Maitreya NEW!
Blueberry – So Cozy – Knee High Boots & Socks – Maitreya NEW!
*Besom~Mow Mows Whiskers :3
+ Lamb. Pussycat – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric
JIAN Snow Leopard Cub (Held B/Clothed) NEW!

Ok so you wanna get on over to Blueberry and also, go see her Flickr where she’s showing all the possible permuations of this fabulous ‘So Cozy’ outfit with socks and boots. Oh yeah. Plus!!! Blueberry and Jian did a collaboration so you can get the cute Snow Leopard cub from Jian and it comes with matching clothes for the Blueberry outfits… I kid you not. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year 😀 ❤




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