Lonely this Christmas?

Meri Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yay! Merry Christmas to you all, every one. Even you Tiny Tim! Yeah, I’m burbling and I’ve not even hit the sherry yet (I don’t drink sherry, it just seemed a Christmas-sy thing to say).

This will be my final blog before I take a break for Christmas and I wanted to be sure whoever read it knows two things:

a) I hope you have a good holiday, whether or not you celebrate Christmas

b) I know it’s not easy or fun for everyone and so I’m sending you a hug too

I do celebrate Christmas. I love the decorations and lights, I love the presents, newly mysterious in their paper and waiting for their recipients to arrive and free them. (How many times have you handed someone a present and said ‘I can’t remember what this is, but open it anyway’? No? Just me? Pff). I like to make the dinner and hear everybody say how nice it is (fingers crossed).

I love it because it’s a chance to make the people I love happy – and I’m not saying that to sound like a goody-two-shoes, it’s just the truth. That feeling when you know you got someone something they’re going to love, the look on someone’s face when they open their gift, people laughing and eating and being happy and warm… well, that’s priceless isn’t it?

I know that when other people aren’t happy at Christmas it isn’t because they are simply bah-humbugs (although there’re always one or two), it’s usually because they are not able to make other people happy that year, or they are missing the people they love, or they have bigger problems than a bit of tinsel and turkey can solve.

If you’re alone or simply feel that way this Christmas, please don’t despair. It truly is just one or two days of purgatory for you and then it will be over and life can return to normal.  Whatever that is!

I’m listing a few links below to support systems for those who don’t feel good this Christmas, but there are a few things you could do yourself.

You could sign in to Second Life and go to maps and simply go visit all the other dots you can see! Be like Santa, drop down the chimney with a ‘ho ho ho’, go ice-skating, wind-surfing, nude-beaching, fly an aeroplane, go on a spending spree, buy a pet… you get the idea. There are no limits to what you can do in Second Life and if you’re not a member, why not join? It’s free to sign-up.

You could volunteer at a local homeless shelter – I did it one year and while it was hard work, it was also great fun and it made me very happy (Helpful hint – although the one I went to said they would also feed me, it didn’t work out that way cus of time/food constraints – best get something in to eat when you get home).

You could call people on Christmas Day – maybe they’re people you don’t speak to often, or maybe they are people you lost touch with or even fell out with. It could be a good time to build bridges.

You could go to the cinema – the Odeon cinemas open on Christmas Day and the roads will be clear if you drive.

Go for a walk and say ‘Happy Christmas’ to every person you see… it’s amazing how people who normally don’t speak on the street do so on Christmas Day. Even a small amount of contact with people who smile at you can make you feel more alive.

You could have a pamper day… maybe have a lie in, eat a luxury breakfast, read a book, take a nice bubble bath and do a mani/pedi (yes, even you boys, nobody will know), prepare yourself something lovely for dinner and watch a movie. You deserve a treat.

If you’re lonely this Christmas, please try not to feel sad. I might not know who you are personally, but I will think about you on Christmas Day. I send my love. And please remember, there are loads of people out there who are in the same position and would love to spend Christmas with you, if only they knew you.

UK Samaritans – No need to feel alone, call the Samaritans

U.S. Samaritans – As above

Age UK Advice Line – A support network for older people, open 24/7

Childline UK – A support network for people under 18, open 24/7

Stand Alone – Supporting people that are estranged

To everybody, whether having a big Christmas or a small break from the daily grind, I send my love and my wishes for a very happy 2020 ❤

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