Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Hello splendid bloggies! How was your Christmas? Are you full up on chocolates, mince pies and the tipple of your choice? Maybe you were more moderate and are feeling virtuous – either way, it’s all as it should be and we can go into 2020 with good intentions and hopes.

I had a lovely little Christmas with my Mum and my Thom. I cooked a joint of brisket in the slow cooker overnight instead of a turkey (Thom hates turkey) and all the ‘trimmings’ came out perfectly too. I was delighted to hear them say how nice it was. Much later that day, Thom and I had a beef and horseradish sandwich – the thing I’d been most looking forward to and it was lush.

Please excuse my use of the word ‘lush’. It will probably happen again for a while. We watched the ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas special (that is to say, Thom and I watched it, my Mum is dicing with danger and is ‘saving it’ despite it being all over social media and her being a Facebook addict… but hey, she won’t be told). We went on to start watching the whole three series again from the beginning.

Those of you who watch Gavin and Stacey will know that one of Stacey’s favourite words is lush and Thom and I are also saying ‘OH!’ a lot, in the manner of Nessa, as well as the occasional ‘What’s occurring?’. Neither of us have quite got the accent right and so I sound Scottish and Thom sounds like he’s from Liverpool.

As for the New Year, well… the world is going to hell in a handcart, the year is named after a deadly and sickly drink from my youth (don’t try 2020 if you’re over 21 and have any taste buds, it’s vile – you only have to get drunk on it once and you’re cured forever). So what can I do? Well, my 2020 will hopefully be the start of a healthier me. I’m going to eat more healthily and do more exercise. I’m hoping by the end of the year I feel so new and shiny that I can contemplate giving up smoking in 2021.

I have a secret friend who will help me through when I’m not cooking super-healthy meals and deciding if I can bear to walk to my Mum’s house instead of taking my car (oh my car… that’s a whole new blog, I’ll attack that next time). It’s books. I love reading so much and I always have. Books take me away from reality to the world created by the author – if they are any good – and I fully intend to dive wholeheartedly into fiction at every opportunity.

Thom’s son bought me the newest Stephen King for Christmas and I’ve got it on my coffee table, virgin spine resplendent. It’s flirting with me but I’m holding off until the New Year.

Well, a girl has to have something to look forward to in these dark days!

So, now the predictable question – what are you planning for 2020? I’d love to hear about your hopes and dreams, resolutions and wants…

What ARE you wearing?

Bag – {Reverie} ‘Roadhouse’ Backpack
Pose – Luane’s World BENTO Poses – Unread Book
Visit –  Luane’s Residential World
Jeans – Addams // Maisei Jeans with Patches // Maitreya
Jacket – Addams // Maisei Bomber Jacket // Maitreya
Shoes – Addams // Maisei Short Sneakers // Maitreya
Necklace 2 – (NO) Sparkle Bodysuit Choker – Shirt
Hair – DOUX – Denise Hairstyle [M]
Eyeshadow – alaskametro❤ “Muse” eyeshadow – Peacock



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