At night when it’s quiet

At night when it's quiet


It’s surprising how wrong a day can go so quickly. This morning, for instance. My alarm went off, I checked my news app – it was all terribly bad news. I got up and shivered my way to the bathroom, nekkers as the day I was born, and sat my booty down in the water closet. I heard my mobile start ringing back in the bedroom. I finished hurriedly, quickly washed my hands and as I dried them, I heard the landline start ringing. Reader… it was early. I thought someone had died.

I ran (still naked… and I don’t have ‘running naked’ boobies) to grab the phone and it was my Mum. She said hello and that she was sorry to call so early. She said “My alarm went off this morning and I must have been in a deep sleep, because I began to turn over and my quilt kind of wrapped around me and I sort of propped myself up on one arm, you know…’ at this point I interrupted and told her I was naked and freezing and that she’d caught me in the bathroom. I asked if she could ‘cut to the chase’ and tell me why she was calling and she said (offended) ‘I wasn’t telling you a story, call me back then’ and I said ‘No, please tell me why you called so I know what we’re dealing with and then I will call you back when I have clothes on’.

So she told me she’d fallen out of bed trying to switch her alarm clock off and hurt her knee and broken her glasses, which she knocked off the side table. This was not good news because a) she was hurt b) I had snapped at her for the frustratingly long approach to the subject in hand, and c) she broke her last pair of glasses in a wheelie bin lid incident not long ago and has only just got the new glasses.

I sympathised and said I’d call her back soon. Bathroom, dressed, minor hair adjustments, downstairs.

On the ground floor, it was beep central like a hospital ward. It seems my smoke alarm battery was low and the answerphone was beeping too. Already I wasn’t in a great mood so I dealt with those and fed the cat, who refused to eat her breakfast. She also refused to go outside and do weeweepoopoo. Sighs.

I called Mum while putting my face on and got the full story, she asked if, after I’d taken Tilly to the vets, I’d take her into town to fix her glasses. She came with us to the vets despite her poorly knee.

While waiting to ‘check in’ at the vets, Tilly gave a real wail (which is unlike her) and I looked down to see she’d gone weewee in the basket. They sent a vet nurse through who took her away to ‘clean her up’ and when she brought her back some time later, she told me Tills had also done a number two all over herself and had to be cleaned up from that.

The vet was great, she always is and did my baby’s boosters and assorted checks efficiently and kindly. We came out and – my own personal nightmare – the waiting room and reception area by the front door were both full of people with dogs. I can’t do dogs, especially in close proximity. I began to sweat and panic. My hands were shaking. Mum had wandered off to fuss a Golden Retriever who looked especially friendly (the only dog in the place I felt safe turning my back on) and she’s a bit mutton jeff these days, so didn’t hear me when I called her.

I called the receptionist and explained my predicament, hoping there was a back door I could use to exit as both Tilly and I were pretty horrified at the idea of having to pass through all the woofers. But no. She – only trying to help – raised her voice and shouted ‘This lady is frightened of dogs, STAND BACK, STAND BACK’ so yeah… they all stared at me. That was fun too.

(I was bitten very badly as a kid – in the face – some really horrible shit. Lifelong trauma, yada, yada).

Mum joined me outside where I waited, pretty soon, and said that the Golden Retriever’s owner had told her what happened. We went back, settled Tilly in (still refusing to eat, and acting like I was trying to kill her when I offered her some Dreamies. This cat holds a grudge, she’s still not talking to me and flinches when I try to touch her).

Dropped Mum off at the opticians, went to Aldi and – first bit of sunshine of the day – I found some daffodils for sale! Yay! I got us both a couple of bunches of daffodils  and a few bits I needed. When I came out it was really chucking it down with rain. My hair acts like a magic sponge and goes from straight and reasonably smooth to enormous and curly within .5 of a second. So yeah… hair woes a go go.

Got in, ham sandwich, talking to you. Phew. So that’s okay.

Also, one other little ray of sunshine is that I’ve started blogging for Vinyl Apparel again. I used to blog for them a few years ago, prior to my blogging break, and I’m so happy to be back in that particular fold. I got some shiny newness from them for you, below ❤

I hope your day is going better than mine has so far. I hope your rays of sunshine are many and your woes are few (particularly hair and cat type ones).

What ARE you wearing?

Dog Friend – JIAN Lively Labs :: Adult Prev Gacha RARE
Tights – AviCandy – Knit Tights – Burnt Orange (BOM/App compatible)
Scarf – *League* Vintage Scarf -Aubergine (pretty old)
Boots – =Zenith= autumn long boot with socks (Camel)
Hair & Hat – [RA] Ary Hair
Jacket – VINYL – Chestnut Puffer Coat – Uber til Jan 22nd
Pose –  Secret Poses– My Coffee Mug (Modified by me)




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