Waiting for cocoa

Waiting for cocoa


Happy Midwok peoples.

January has been so busy for me, I don’t know about you guys. Each day has had some errands or a bunch of chores, or work, or some reason to get up early and seize the f**cking day.

Who cares about seizing the day? I sure don’t, right now.

I’d like to seize a big mug of cocoa and some home-made cookies and a box set of something… I can only dream.

My Mum will be 80 this year and I’m sure you’re all thinking ‘Aww, sweet old lady time’. Well I’m here to disabuse you of that notion. I mean yes, in terms of time, she probably is getting old, but she’s very very on the ball, very intelligent, funny, mobile and active. She’s essentially just as she was 20 years ago, only with more white hair.

She’s starting, however, to be selective about what she does. And on the one hand, who can blame her? You have to earn some perks in achieving a good age and having gained (hopefully) the wisdom of the years. On the other, well, you’ll see.

What I mean is this… she loves cooking and she loves shopping, so she does a LOT of those things. Sometimes she cooks and shops more than she can eat, and so she puts what she can in the freezer and the rest she tries to give to me. Do not get excited folks… she’s not a cookie and cake maker, she makes things with tons of vegetables in them. Or she de-joints her own meat. So she’s likely to give me some stock, or part of a chicken, or some soup (like yesterday).

So yeah, that’s good. But I don’t get excited, yannow?

Aaanyway, she got her car (remember – exactly the same as mine, bless) and I bought her some new car mats for it and a steering wheel cover. Those things are sitting inside her front door in their packaging, waiting for ME to go around and put them into the car. She hasn’t even attempted to take off the plastic or look at them.

So she’s very capable of buying a car, driving a car, shopping, cooking, keeping house, doing a bit of gardening, yet she can’t unwrap gifts or put them into the car. GAH.

She’s always been a bit this way. When I was about 20, she split up from my stepdad and then those jobs she’d assume he’d deal with in the past, she began bringing to me. On one memorable occasion, her video recorder stopped working and she asked me what was wrong and how I could fix it. I said I didn’t know… didn’t know much about video recorders at all, and she pressured me and got a bit petulant and we ended up rowing and I said to her ‘I’m not your husband replacement!’.

I hope you can see what I mean. I will do it and I won’t moan to her, but yeah… today is my one day this week when I have nothing in particular I have to deal with except maybe some housework and cooking myself, and she’s lined me up to go round there and do little jobs I know she’s capable of doing herself, she just doesn’t want to.

And before you think ‘maybe that’s just an excuse and she wants to see you, Meri, you great flying turd’, I saw her yesterday and talk to her at least once a day. She didn’t mention me doing car things until I was leaving and it was horrible weather.

I think I’ve made myself feel bad enough now about moaning to feel guilty, which will enable me to go around and do the little jobs without too much resentment. I just know there are people reading this thinking ‘I lost my mum and I’d love to go around and see her’.

Is it just me? Am I a horrid daughter? Should someone slap some sense into me? They used to call me PollyAnna you know… after the fictional character who saw good and hope in everything. I’m pretty sure you are now calling me Moaning Myrtle, after another literary girl.

What ARE you wearing?

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Addams // Penelope Jeans with Diamond Belt
Addams // Penelope High Heel Boots
Addams // Penelope Necklace Group Gift


  • I love your blog and your pics! So much life in it and I can clearly see your love for SL.
    May I ask a favour? Maybe you can give SLURLs to the places where you took your photos? Some look incredibly stunning and I would like to visit them myself. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Zasta. Aww thanks for the nice things you said. I do link up places where possible in my “What are you wearing” bit at the bottom. I think you’ll like this place too, lots of interest.


  • I think that, if she’s able, she ought to be doing those things on her own. Not because you don’t want to help, but it really is healthy for people to retain their independence as long as they can. I think that most of the time spent with parents should be social in nature, unless they need help. You’re doing fine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Rob. I do love you for saying that. Makes me feel I’m not going mad. I’m going tomorrow… I’ve told her she’s being a wuss, but in a laughing way. Hugs you x


    • Oh me too J M. For sure! At this very moment I’m struggling to get out of bed. They should let us sleep for January 💤 and thank you 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  • Meh, I’m sure I’d feel the same in your shoes. Meanwhile, most of 3 my parents I just listen to over the phone atm, as they are crying because one of them has serisou health issues and another is divorcing from his much younger wife and hell it’s tough at 74 and his other daughters aren’t that close to him and not super willing to be around. So I do feel quite moany too. Here feels like the perfect space to vent thank you/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my petit canard, that’s awful. And nothing you can do really apart from listen and be there for them. You know, you can always vent here/to me. Hugs x


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