On a break, thinking

On a break, thinking

Where are you right now? I’m curious. Are you at work, taking a few minutes out cus it’s a Friday and who cares? Are you in bed, because it’s late where you are or you’re sick? What country are you in? Who do you live with? Do you drink tea? What do you think about? WHO ARE YOU?

I think about this every time I begin writing a blog. I think about me, sitting here in my living room, my laptop on the arm of the sofa, typing away with the cat perched on my hip (I sit sideways to type, very bad for my back). I think about you, I wonder all about you.

I’m very inquisitive. Thom described it as ‘intrusive’ when he first met me (but he kept coming back for more, didn’t he? It’s very flattering to be in the company of someone as ‘intrusive’ as me, because we don’t just want to know what, we want to know why).

My best friend in my first life is someone I love very much. We’ve known each other since we were kids and we share all kinds of thoughts and worries. We can laugh at jokes nobody else can understand. She’s good fun.

She’s also a bit of an ‘askhole’… this is a term I came up with all by myself. It means that basically, nothing happens in her life without her asking for everybody’s thoughts on it and their advice.  And it never ends, thus the ‘hole’ bit. A black hole of issues and questions. I often feel there are very many people in her relationships with men, me included 😀

Anyway, the other day she was telling me about a row she’d had with her boyfriend, about him letting her down on the weekend because he got chance to go to the football (again – he’d been four times in the last two weeks). She got pissy with him, put the phone down on him, actually. He sulked for several days, on his high-horse, because she’d sworn at him and hung up on him.

She told me she’d apologised to him several times, but the ‘lady was not for turning’ until he decided he wanted to talk some days later. I said ‘Hmm’. She said ‘What?’.

I told her that if she decided to apologise for her behaviour, that was fine in my opinion, but nobody should ever make her apologise for her feelings. She felt let down, she felt hurt. She felt second-best to more blokes kicking a bag of wind around a field. And it wasn’t the first time.

‘Whoops’ said she, ‘Too late, really’. But she agreed.

And then this morning, I saw on Facebook that an SL friend had posted a meme along the lines of ‘Your self respect must be stronger than your feelings’ and I thought ‘Yessss. That’s it, that’s the bloody ticket’.

Let’s face it, if my mate had managed to keep her temper and not had not reacted so badly, she might have been in with a chance of explaining how she felt and having it acknowledged by the man in her life, instead of him thinking he had the upper hand morally because she’d lost control.

In some ways, me and my friend are a perfect pairing. She likes to talk about her life and ask for opinions. I love to hear about her life and ask further questions to get to the root of the matter. Do I sometimes wish we could talk more about my life? Hell no, reader, hell no! I have you for that 😉

Seriously though… about you. Where are you? Who are you? Anything you’re willing to share would make me very happy ❤


What ARE you wearing?

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  • I’m inquisitive, too. You know who I am and I’m sitting at my desk in RL, watching Messiah on Netflix while typing to you in an attempt to make myself sound more interesting. LOL. I love you to bits!♥ Great post, as always.

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    • Aww lovely Sadykins. I’m not watching Messiah yet, got it on my list though. I never use my desk because it’s in the cold bedroom (don’t ask). I love that you have one. And you are ALWAYS interesting xxx

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  • I’m at work in New England. It’s very cold here. I think that her boyfriend is being selfish. It’s good to maintain friendships with your buddies, but be self-aware enough to realize that you’ve been spending too much time with them. It’s a balance that we have to maintain. If I may, and you most assuredly already do, cherish your best friend. There’s no one that can replace her.

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    • Is your annoying colleague still there? It’s quite cold here too. Probably not as bad as there though, although I hear there had been less snow this year? Yes, I think he’s been very used to doing exactly what he wanted before they got together and he’s finding adjustment difficult. But he just has to!

      Ah I love her so much, like a sister she can annoy me sometimes, but I always care. Thanks Rob.

      Do you or did you have someone like that?

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  • Sunny, windy summer day, at our little semi-detached bungalow on the atlantic seaboard, somewhere in northern suburbia, Cape Town/South Africa, guest bedroom/study. Currently sprinting back n forth between my desk and hubby’s desk in the lounge, where he desperately tries – but ultimately fails – to install a new Arch Linux distribution on his too old laptop … and needs my expertise in advanced fuck-upery. 😮
    Thinking about why are we the only household in the western hemisphere where the waifu has more clue about kombjudahz than the patriarch of the house. :/

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    • He’s such a lucky man to have you Orca. Your day sounds amazing, weather wise and I didn’t know you lived in SA. So happy to learn more about your life. Thank you 😘


  • Where am I? Currently looking out my office window at our beautiful state capital having to imagine the worst case scenario for a protest on Monday where 50,000-100,000 protesters are expected…with multiple arrests having already been made in various states of people who planned to travel here trying to incite riots and violence.

    I know sometimes I have been attacked/criticized because I try to keep a positive spirit while trying to support and encourage others. Not knowing me, I could see why some may think it’s a front…but it isn’t. It’s honestly how I survive (along with very unhealthy doses of sarcasm). See…I’ve worked in health care for 26 years. Spent 14 years as a paramedic. Currently, my job is tied with emergency management.

    I’ve spent my entire professional career expecting the worst…planning for the worst…having to imagine scenes worst than the movies portray to make sure everything is planned for. I’ve walked into the worst homes and seen the aftermath of acts of violence that would break people. I almost lost jobs twice due to PTSD from what I have seen working in health care.

    Throw in the personal loses I’ve experienced…

    It’s so easy to judge when people don’t know the full story. I could see people judging your bestie if they didn’t know her. People judge me but don’t understand that it is necessary for me to focus on the positives and encourage others. I have to…or the darkness of the world I have witnessed would totally consume me.

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    • Thanks for sharing a bit of your story Tiff. That’s so interesting. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, I guess that might be one of your mottos.

      I hope nobody would judge my friend harshly, she’s flibbin adorable and I would have to punch them on their noses, lol. She’s just a mega worrier and lacks confidence in her own ability and decisions. I’m also someone who worries a lot, but I find it harder to share the process (I go into my cave when I’m most worried).

      If anybody judges you and you want to send them to me for a telling off, feel free. 😷 Hugs xx

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  • I like being inquisitive and asking questions. Asking questions can be important. To answer your questions: I am in the US, and I love tea. Right at this moment I am on my laptop laying on my bed because I find it comfortable. 🙂 My dog is laying next to me with a ball between us. I think he is trying to tell me it is time to play. 🙂

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