Meri’s Life Hacks

Meri's Life Hacks

You know what I love? Those magazines your Granny used to buy for women, called something like Woman’s Weekly. (Who am I kidding? They were a guilty pleasure, I’d buy them at train stations, read them cover to cover and then leave them on the train – nothing to do with me, walk off whistling).

I loved the stupid, awful, ‘headline’ stories. (‘I married my brother and he slept with my mother’ not usually quite as awful as the headline indicated, once you read the details), I loved the sexual health articles (10 things your man wished you’d do in bed but would never tell you), the beauty articles (Stop cellulite with one simple household product) and the fashion (Jeans to suit every shape and budget).

But mostly… well, mostly, I loved the reader suggestions for life hacks. Some were genuinely ingenious and some were WELL DUH and some were totally useless, but all very, very entertaining.

Here are some of my own just for you, my sweet reader. I hope they revolutionise your life 😀

Lost an earring, stone from a ring, contact lens or other tiny item on the floor somewhere and can’t see it? Simply pop a stocking over the vacuum cleaner nozzle and run it over the area you think it may have gone. The air will suck the item safely onto the fabric!

Tired of being hit on in SL? It’s easy, no need to get stressed or make excuses. Just say straight away that you’re looking for a commitment in real life and second life and you never have sex with anyone without meeting them first and introducing them to your mother. Job done!

Save time when blogging by going to your ‘Current Outfit’ folder, right click and select ‘Copy to clipboard’ and then drop the details of everything you’re wearing into notepad. It’s easy from there to remove the items you aren’t including (your AO, ankle fixer etc.) and add details of SURLs to that note.

Do you play the Sims 4? Struggling actor? Well, boy do I have a hack for you. Each time you get an acting job, take a few minutes at the eating area. You can pick up an entire pizza and simply drag it to your inventory – and they replace it. Repeat until you have tons of pizzas in your inventory and simply transfer them to the fridge when you get home.  I also picked up a few plates of cookies and some tortilla chips. Cus hey… snacks!

Jewellery looking a bit murky? Clean silver items with no stones by putting baking soda/baking powder into a dish lined with silver foil. Warning – this method smells, so make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Add boiling water and your silver, leave for 10 mins, rinse and wipe. Perfect. Gold or with stones? Leave out the foil and add a little washing up liquid. Same deal, shiny goodness.

Do you smoke? No? Good for you. However, if you do smoke in your house and live in a cold climate, you’re spending hundreds of pounds a year on heating that is literally going straight out of the window. Even if you don’t smoke but enjoy nice clean air, invest in an air purifier. Mine cost less than £50 and I run it all day every day – Summer and Winter. I’ve not noticed an increase in my electricity bill, but I have noticed a huge reduction in my gas heating bill! I bet I’ve saved £200 over the first year so far. I had my non-smoking nephew and his girlfriend round and asked them if they could smell cigarettes in my house – they said no. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Speaking of which – chickens. Buy a whole chicken, use whatever you want for your roast dinner, remove the rest of the meat and set aside for making of a curry, stir fry and to add to what you’re going to do next! Put the carcass, skin etc. into a pan or pressure cooker with a rough chopped carrot, onion, celery, leek (whatever you have hanging around… I use a whole carrot, a whole onion, the bits you’d chop off and throw away from the leeks and celery) and top it right up with water, add herbs, salt, pepper. If it’s a normal pan, cook for 4 hours, simmering lightly with the lid on, then reduce by half in the last 15 mins by removing the lid. If you use a pressure cooker, give it an hour. Perfect.  Drain off the liquid and set it to cool in the fridge in a jug or bowl. Throw away the solids. Remove the fat from the top after leaving it overnight and use the perfect stock to make a stew or proper chicken soup – mmmnom. I brag I can make meals for a week using one large chicken and some cheap vegetables and it’s TRUE!

Ok it’s turned into a cooking blog now, I will leave it there fine people. I would love your life hacks if you have any to share? C’mon now, rack your brains ❤

What ARE you wearing?

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Pants – VINYL – Tustk Sweats N21
Sneaks – L&B Swear “Candy” Platform Sneakers
Hair – DOUX – Stella Hairstyle
Skateboard – *EverGlow* – Skateboard #3
Pose – Taken from above but heavily modified by me

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  • I can state without reservation that I’ve never read Woman’s Day magazine. 😀 However, I do wonder about the authenticity of the photo that shows major political figures standing next to space aliens. Is it real? IS IT?????

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  • All our doors and windows are open pretty much 24/7, so clean air is guaranteed. Oh, and we stopped smoking, like, 4 or 5 years ago. That saves us some serious money!

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  • I find that oil-pulling is great to have withe-r teeth and to remove plaque entirely (no more dentist for that) – many people tell me that they might be ok swishing coco oil in their mouth in the morning but the time it takes is off-putting. I do it while I make tea, pee, shower,get dressed,make toasts, and feel I’m not losing any time

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    • You did tell me about that before and while I was tempted I knew I couldn’t do it. I’m so gippy… I mean I am sick at the slightest excuse. I can’t even bear having chewing gum in my mouth… it’s just something being there too long makes me retch. However, I’m delighted for your plague and lacque thereof 😀 (I know you know that’s not a spelling error, cus you ma girl) xx


    • Haha, well. I confess I’ve not tried it myself. I don’t tend to get hit on often in SL. I like to think it’s because I’m partnered, haha 😄

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  • Add cloves to your stock recipe! Until the human found out, recently, about the prevalence of campylobacter in commercial chicken, the human, too, for decades, made one chook last a week, especially in winter, by making delicious stock to use as a base for all kinds of wonderful soup. I, too, love the sweet image for this post.

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    • Oh cloves! I’ve never tried that. I think I might be scared to try it in case I didn’t like it and I lost my stock… Although I was on another planet the other week and drained it into the sink like you would pasta water, lol.

      In not worried about campylobactor. I’m an anti bacterial food hygiene queen (so far anyway) and chicken always needs careful handling, thorough cooking, proper cooling and freezing. Thanks for the tip off though x


    • The human is the same, never, in fact, had any problems with chicken. It was reading that the reason most chicken has campylobactor in it, is because of the way commercial chickens are processed when they are killed and gutted, a process involving high pressure hot water… the high pressure water blows their guts out, but it ruptures their bowels, and blows chook shit into the meat… most commercial chickens you buy have shit in the meat. Apparently, proper cooking usually renders it harmless, but the human just thought ‘um… nah!’
      The human couldn’t imagine stock without cloves… if nothing else, it makes it smell fabulous… it’s the smell of winter, a big pot of stock simmering on the stove (:

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    • There are so many ugly truths about meat production that it’s enough to put many people off, indeed. The price of vast consumerism. I’d love to say that I responsibly farm and slaughter my own chickens but I don’t. I just buy free range and hope for the best.


    • The human kept chooks for decades… tried killing/eating them a few times… learning to properly kill chooks was pretty grim, not for the faint-hearted, but eating them, compared to eating commercial chooks, was extremely unrewarding, nowhere near the size and plumpness of force-fed, battery-farmed chooks. Also, the human grew to love it’s chooks, they are lovely, sweet things. Another reason the human gave up eating chicken is the amount of stuff that’s in them, like penicillin. Not trying to convert you, though… you are right about the ‘ugly truths’, we just have to find our own balance about what’s practically acceptable, unless we want to grow/farm/kill everything we eat, and make out own clothes, and use seaweed to, um… clean our teeth… (:

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  • Meri! ‘Save time when blogging by going to your ‘Current Outfit’ folder, right click and select ‘Copy to clipboard’ and then drop the details of everything you’re wearing into notepad. It’s easy from there to remove the items you aren’t including (your AO, ankle fixer etc.) and add details of SURLs to that note.’ THANKYOU x a billion! ❤

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