Sleep where I stand

Sleep where I stand


You know what’s odd? I sometimes think I’m pre-cognisant… not in a huge way, just in a bloggy way. I work in advance, in other words, I did this picture last week intending to use it today and named it ‘Sleep where I stand’ having absolutely NO idea that it was just how I’d feel when the time came to post it.

Yet here I am, dog-tired, dog-rough and feeling like my dog days are over. I could literally sleep right now.

Thom came over last week to spend some time with me and for Valentine’s Day. As we do (I have said previously) we decided to go out on the 13th Feb to celebrate and we were having a lovely indian meal when suddenly, I had a pain behind my ear. I felt the area and was shocked to find it very swollen and painful. It seemed my lymph node had swollen rapidly and the result was that by the time we got home, I felt quite poorly and feverish. I did not sleep much.

I got up the next morning feeling that my whole ‘under-jaw’ area was quite swollen but I soldiered on regardless (we had a lush steak for dinner and watched ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ that evening) and then again, I had trouble sleeping as my head hurt, my swollen jaw and face ached and I seemed to have a temperature.

As soon as this all began on Thursday, Thom proclaimed ‘MUMPS’ quite loudly (the waiters all scattered pretty quickly). I tried to resist his diagnosis, but yeah… probably is mumps.

It’s less painful to the touch now but I feel like my head sits on an uncomfortable cushion of lumpy me-ness and I feel ugly and tired and quite fed up, actually.

Did my Valentine’s card from Thom comfort me? Well, no… he had been packing all his stuff at *insert ridiculously early morning time here* and left it in the dining room.  I said he could post it when he got home, so I hope to have it soon.

Poor, poor, ugly, hurty, sleepy, unloved Meri. May I have some sympths? ❤

What ARE you wearing?

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Piercings – **RE** Dolce Belly Piercing – Maitreya



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