Simply thrilling

Simply thrilling


When I was a little girl, I lived in the countryside in a house on top of a hill. A tiny bit further down the hill were two semi-circles of pensioner’s bungalows and I used to make little bunches of daisies and take them on my bike to push through the old people’s doors.

This was, at least in part, to mimic the activities of my big brother who had a paper round. I called it my Daisy Round.

As you can probably tell, I was a delightfully annoying child, although most of the old folks seemed to put up with my antics pretty well. Amongst them were a couple of old men, Dolph and Les. Les had a goiter, kept canaries, smoked and had a cooked breakfast every day. (He was 82 and it hadn’t done him any harm, he said). Dolph used to sit on a deckchair outside his front door and call to the passers by, he had a strange sense of humour and liked to flirt with passing ladies. Les would join Dolph for a little drink sometimes and they’d be like two bad boys, laughing and causing trouble by the time I walked past them on the way back from school.

Dolph was looked after by his daughter Freda. Freda also seemed pretty old to me at the time, but she can only have been in her fifties really. She wore those flowery housework tabards you don’t see very often now.  She was shy.

I liked Freda very much. When I ran away from home, she’s who I’d run to. She’d give me a chocolate biscuit and a drink of squash (pretty sure she bought both in mainly for me) and we’d talk about how tough my life was.

Sadly, Dolph died and Freda was left alone. I went round even more then and also, we went out together rambling ‘down the Dumbles’ as the locals called it, we went to Whist and Beatle drives at the church hall (some kind of game, still don’t really understand it) and we had all the fun two friends could have. I loved Freda very much and I think she loved me too, although we didn’t talk about that kind of thing. We talked about insects and birds, plants and trees.

She gave me some books she’d had as a little girl, very old story books with luridly-coloured, jolly pictures in them. They were big and slightly smelly with age, they had dark green or dark blue hard covers on them, embossed with the titles. I loved them so much. I loved to read.

On each occasion I ran away to her bungalow (not running from anything sinister, just my parents rowed a lot and sometimes it got tense) I took my best teddy – Panda – and a book in my little red case. Just the essentials you know?

She also gave me some brooches that had been her mother’s.  Of course, I still have the books and the brooches. They are very precious treasures.

I’m not going to talk about sad things. Yes, of course my parents divorced and we moved away and I never saw her again and yes, sadly she died not long after from cancer (I didn’t even know she was ill). Those things are done and gone and there’s nothing I can do now.

But the books… well, they live on. Glorious spiffing adventures, gaily painted pictures of children having fun and a ton of innocence and joy. My picture today put me in mind of those illustrations… so I wanted to share.

Much love to you all, I hope your week hasn’t been too bad. I really hope the weather clears up soon before we’re all blown away or drowned! ❤

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