Without dark, no stars

Without dark, no stars


When I was a girl, my Stepdad put some luminous stars on my bedroom ceiling over my bed, there were only four stars and they were in the shape of the Aries constellation, because that’s my star sign.

So when I woke in the night, they were what I saw and they told me immediately that I was home, safe and ‘me’.

Course, that makes my Stepdad sound like a really great parent, actually he normally wasn’t, but he did have a good side and that was one of the times he showed it. He had no idea how to parent at all and had no experience of children until he came into our lives when I was 11.

I suppose the point of my blog today isn’t to talk about my Stepdad, but to talk about how you can’t see the stars if it’s never dark. It’s a vaguely couched analogy for life and how it’s not possible to be happy all the time.

Sometimes you have to have dark times in order to see and appreciate the good things, or to have something to aim for.

In that vein, I followed my mumps from which I now seem to be recovered with an eye infection. I spent two days with a patch over my eye which seemed to help a bit and now I’m not wearing it but it’s still sore and red. Sighs.

Still, I can just about see the stars when I look up… with my good eye.

What ARE you wearing?

Addams // Pheobe Loose Boho Sweater // Maitreya
Addams // Pheobe Braided Top // Maitreya
Addams // Pheobe Adventure Boots Flat Feet // Maitreya
Addams // Pheobe Necklace // Maitreya (group gift!)
Addams // Pheobe Capri Jeans with Belt // Maitreya
Addams // Pheobe Lace Corset // Maitreya
[Z O O M] Waaho Wood Glasses
DOUX – BYOB Hairstyle

If you want more info on the Addams outfit, you can link to their Flickr post here
The creator of Z O O M products is Jonas Acanthus and his Flickr is here, although the glasses are quite old now.
David Cooper of Doux’s Flickr is here


  • The human got a tiny piece of metal stuck in it’s eye, once. The doctor put liquid cocaine drops in the eye, and was almost instantly able to pick the metal out of the surface of the humans eye with a thing like a tiny melon baller scoop, the human could feel the resistance as the scoop dragged across the surface of it’s eye, and tugged at the metal, and hear it going ‘click’… all this while the human stood, with it’s head tilted back, and the doctor picked away till the metal came out… it was 100% painless, and the human’s eye had zero blink reflex… all pretty amazing. The doctor gave the human an eye patch and told it to wear it for a few days. Firstly, as you will now know, wearing an eyepatch may look cool, but you are half blind… you are suddenly seeing in mono, so that’s pretty unpleasant. Secondly, the human’s eye, which felt nothing during the removal… was in agony about 4 hours later. Thirdly, all the damned eye patch actually did was keep the light out… the human couldn’t read, or watch tv, or anything, because when you move one eye, the other one moves, too! Thought I’d share that eye patch experience (:

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    • Aww Sera… yeah I know your pain. And not because of this time. Many years ago, I managed to put a lit cigarette in my eye. Burned off several layers of my cornea. I had a half bandaged head like pudsey bear for a week and then had to wear Roy Orbison shades fur a month… in Winter. The process of treatment was MOST unpleasant. Ahhh, now I feel so lucky in comparison

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  • “patch over my eye which seemed to help a bit and now I’m not” I expected to see something like this: “… taking it off ever again since it makes me look like the mostest adorable pirate! Arr mateys.”

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  • A beautiful bit of gratitude here. I enjoyed reading this, as it really is about affirmation of life. The comforting thing is that even when the sun shines, we know that the stars are still there twinkling. Sorry about your eye, but I bet you rock the eye-patch look. 😉

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    • Mate… I’m minging. Seriously. I can’t imagine how much work I’m going to have to put in to even approach ‘human female’ form, 😄 hugs though x


  • I too had the stars on my ceiling, as did my sister. I must admit i did the same for my kids and “coughs” still have them on the ceiling in my bedroom. My wife thinks its cute and understands the why of it.

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    • Yeah it is cute, I agree. When I go and stay at mum’s in my old room, I look forward to seeing the stars. Glad you did it for the baby Drakes. X


  • Glad to hear the mumps have cleared. Sorry to hear about the eye infection. I never put stars on my ceiling. I think I bought some once to do that. Then they got shoved into a box from which I dont think they ever returned.

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    • Oh Sadie… I moved house a couple of years ago and thought I got rid of all my stuff like that, but it seems not. Today I spent time in the spare bedroom looking at items I’d classified as ‘might want them one day’. Agh. It’ll take ne a day to clear them and I’ll have to be tough with myself xx

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    • *Smiles* I totally understand the having to be “tough with myself” to toss out things. I have stuff to go through, organize, and toss. I usually try to channel a relative of mine that is really good at that. She has a rule, “if it hasn’t been seen or used in 6 months it is gone.” I am not that extreme but find it helps to clear the clutter to think like that.

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    • Yeah, the strange thing is, I am that person for my mum. And I already got rid of so much. The absolute worst thing? Clothes. I have far too many and it’s already sorted, cus I have suits and evening wear from when my life was different and I wouldn’t be able to afford to replace them now if I had to go back to that kind of work. It’s all very casual these days, working from home.

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