Ready For Action

Ready for action


Something unusual happened to me the other day – and it was nice. It’s a rarity for an established fashion creator in Second Life to approach bloggers directly and ask them to join the team, but it does happen. Baiastice got in touch with me and asked me and I was so happy to say yes!

I blogged a Baiastice dress I bought at Collabor88 a few weeks ago on my ‘Being Bullied’ post and Sissy liked what I did. Yay!

I’m so happy about that and am delighted to show off another one of their beautiful Italian haute creations today. It also helps affirm my point that quite literally in the SL blogging world, you should ‘dress for the job you want not the one you have’. In other words, if you like the clothing of a particular designer, buy their stuff and blog it well. It will stand you in good stead if they are looking for someone for their blogging team.

I’m keeping it short today because I have promised myself a ‘day off’ and it’s already lunchtime and I have other stuff to do before I can begin wallowing on the sofa with a boxset – something I have been looking forward to all week.

I’m dressed for a good wallow too, unlike in my SL picture. I have soft black pants with blue spots on and a blue jumper with a few crispy bits where it burned in the tumble dryer. Also, my hair is a bit cray-cray.  Last night I attended a council meeting to attempt to stop them doing a bad thing in my area, and although I got lots of loving support from one side of the chamber, the other was larger and when they voted, I lost, effectively. So yeah, looking like a real human-being woman did me no good then, so I won’t bother at all today. I also had whiskey for dinner when I finally got home.

I’m going to watch an old series called Afterlife, starring Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln. Fabulous stuff and a bit spooky. 😀


What ARE you wearing?

Boots – Blueberry – Unbothered – Ankle Heels  (Blueberry Flickr)
Hair – [KKLRS] Hair – Kitten at the Liaison Collaborative (Sisch Firecaster’s Flickr) NEW!
Dress – Baiastice – Simone Dress (Baiastice Flickr) NEW!
Tights – AviCandy – Flower Power Pantyhose Collection (AviCandy Flickr)
Pose – GingerFish – Here She Comes Again Pack (Tracy Redangel’s Flickr) NEW!

Until it becomes clear what can and what can’t be linked to and from a Flickr picture without it being considered ‘commercial activity’ I will no longer be linking to stores, marketplace, or events. I shall instead link to the creator’s Flickr where available, so you can find what you need from them directly. I recommend using SeraphimSL to find event details and links.


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