So very ready

So very ready


Agh, agh, agh. Is it Spring yet? I think it might be and yet I don’t feel right. I bet you know what I mean.

It’s like… this time of year the daffodils are out, my crocuses are in full bloom, the sun is making some appearances and the evenings are lightening up. Usually, about now, I’d start to feel positive and hopeful. I’d feel that the dark days were coming to an end and life was about to get a whole lot better.

But things aren’t right with the world at all. Even I, with my Pollyanna attitude and abhorrence of the nightly news can’t avoid it.

Things wrong with my world (and yours) include:

  1. Boris
  2. Donald (not Duck or Sutherland)
  3. Coronavirus
  4. The environment
  5. Exiting the EU with narry a real plan

In the past, none of these awful things have been on my mind when Spring comes around, because whatever the politicians were doing, the world kept turning and the sun kept shining and we survived.

Now we face all manner of horrors.

I’m also getting a bit sick of the people who say that we shouldn’t panic about Coronavirus and it’s only a flu. It’s not a flu, it’s a highly-contagious virus that is giving people pneumonia, shutting down organ function and killing some of them.

I spent a bit of time with my phone’s calculator yesterday. The Government say worst case scenario for the UK is 80% infection – yep, 80% of all people could catch it – that’s hellish contagious. Going on current international death rates, 3.6% of those will die from it, that’s potentially 2 million deaths from Coronavirus in the UK alone.

I say potentially a lot because that’s what COULD happen if nothing is done, and of course, nothing is being done. Why is nothing of any consequence being done aside from some hand-washing videos and vague allusions to not going to the cinema unless you really, really want to? Well, because of the financial and social implications, I suppose.

If they were to do what they should, which is say to everybody – stay indoors as much as possible, do not go to work, all non-essential services will be shut down, then almost everybody would need financial help to get through the time, businesses would need huge subsidies in order to survive a 2-week shut down, imports and exports would largely cease. Supermarkets would close, panic would ensue, looting would occur.

Yeah, it’d be chaos, financial ruin, but on the other hand, we could squash this bug by April pretty much if the whole world shut down for a fortnight and stayed home.

T’aint gonna happen is it?

Having what the papers call ‘Pre-existing health conditions’ and not liking how they use it as a slogan to minimise the impact caused by the death of most victims, I’m staying indoors as much as I can. I mean, yeah, it’s boring, but so’s being dead, I reckon.

I do only have a normal amount of toilet rolls though. Is that enough? Only time will tell!

I wish I wrote a chin-up, let’s up and attem kind of blog today, but I didn’t. I think we’re all feeling a little down when we should be on the rise. Keep your powder dry, dear reader, let’s hunker down and wait a while longer for Spring.

I send you love.

What ARE you wearing?

Shorts – Vinyl Luna Denim Shorts & Tied Hoodie –  Uber (Little Toast’s Flickr)
Top – Vinyl Foodie Tee (Little Toast’s Flickr)
Hair – DOUX – Marie Hairstyle (David Cooper’s Flickr)
Scarf – Scarf – LoLlaS Summer Daisy Scarf


  • To be honest. Let’s all run away. There’s a few lovely islands I know of where the sun is shining and you can’t catch anything. Where the Boris and the Donald are far away. Let’s all go.
    Oh hang on I meant second life.
    But I’m considering Antarctica . Could be nice this time of year?

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  • These are very weird, almost ‘end’ times, like, it just gets exhausting how crap things keep getting. The human lives in New Zealand, little place at the bottom of the world, where things are generally pretty sweet… except, in the last year, NZ had a volcanic eruption that killed 21 tourists, and one of the biggest, non-war-related, mass shootings in history! Not to mention, in the last few years, several devastating floods and earthquakes. Now the virus.
    The human barely notices what a jerk Boris is, because the human expends ALL it’s loathing on the fat baby in the White House… that guy simply defies any point of reference in what is supposed to be the fabric of reality… how the fuck did that moronic buffoon get to be in charge of the most powerful country in the world!? And, it was looking pretty forgone that the minority of racist, illiterate cretins that installed him last time, were going to do it AGAIN… until COVID-19 came along… the only possible silver lining this virus may have, is the fact the fat thug can’t lie, bloviate, threaten, or blame his way out of his, already, totally inept, ignorant, dangerously self-obsessed reaction to it… and this WILL effect his followers, many of whom I would imagine are male, elderly, over-weight, diabetic, and have high blood pressure… all pre-existing afflictions that feature in many of the virus fatalities. Like I say… it’s end times stuff when you need a viral plague to defeat the ‘leader’ of ‘the world’s best democracy’, because that ‘democracy’ simply is NOT a democracy, any more.
    Don’t get me wrong, the human and I don’t really think these are end times, but they sure are exhaustingly weird (fascinating, though)… I think it’s getting to a point where people are just too exhausted from it all, and can barely react intelligently… hence the ludicrous hysteria over COVID-19, which is actually looking like causing a world-wide recession. I don’t for a moment think COVID-19 isn’t a serious threat, but the hysteria, and the reality of either despotic or self-serving ‘leaders’ in all the countries it has gained a hold in, absolutely don’t help anyone.
    Trump actually told his minions it was ok to go to work, because it was just a flu, and it would soon, miraculously, disappear. Oh, and he said all the doctors he spoke to, about it, all of them said ‘how do you know so much about this stuff?’ That’s the fool in charge of America’s reaction to COVID-19.
    … oh, sorry… bit of a rant… anyway, yep, I agree, Meri, let’s all hunker down!

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    • Sera… strange as it may seem, I really needed that rant. You have such passion and energy. You’re still angry. I wish I was an anger vampire and could suck up some of that good stuff to give me a boost. I said to a friend yesterday that if I were to get coronavirus, they are the only circumstances under which I’d snog Trump. Anyway… I shouldn’t do politics on here, because even though I think people are mistaken in their beliefs, I believe they should be able to have them. But thanks, you should go into politics. You’re like a breath of fresh fiery air! X

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    • My favourite news photo, from last year, is that picture of Greta Thunberg scowling at Trump! That girl has more intelligence, credibility, honesty and dignity in one statement, than trump has in his entire, waste-of-space life. She is a ray of sunshine through all this horror (:

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    • Good rant. 🙂 He was exposed to at least one person with the coronavirus. Other leaders who might have been exposed or had family members exposed have self-quaratined.

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    • The man repulses me, I hope he gets the virus, and dies… oh, no, of course, that can’t happen, because he is ‘the fittest, healthiest person ever to be president of the US’… well, that’s what the doctor he payed to say that said…


  • I went to the store the other day. There was no paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, cleaning supplies, etc., on the shelf. Then I got into an argument with a checker who was spreading false information to all customers who could hear him. I wonder if he realized that at that time of the day that store is usually packed with people. The amount of false information out there is just staggering and frustrating.
    I too dont like how they minimize the people who died as having pre-existing conditions. Life is a pre-existing condition and I don’t know anyone who doesnt have one thing or another wrong with them. It is just frustrating to say the least.
    So, when I go out I make sure to wear gloves. I use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. I make sure to wipe down carts and other surfaces. Including all the stuff that someone else could have touched at the store. It lives up to 3 days on surfaces and a few hours in the air. I would rather be a bit more germ cautious right now than catch it.

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