What would you bring from Second Life into your real life?

What would I bring into RL from SL?


Hey Buttskis! I had a crazy start to the day with a postman requiring me to get out of bed, come downstairs and sign for a parcel. When I arrived downstairs, my delicate nose sussed out that my cat had enjoyed a poop-party in her litter tray, because the odours had permeated the whole house.

I gagged my way to the front door, brought in the parcel and then decided to feed the stinky little beast and put the kettle on, before going back upstairs to get dressed. I threw open all the windows and promised myself I’d deal with the cat truffles very soon, just as soon as my stomach could cope.

Then, I heard the unmistakable sound of ladders being set up and realised the window cleaners had arrived and would require full access to the rear of my property (not a euphemism).

I ran upstairs to get dressed to find the window cleaner already at my bedroom window. There was an awkward moment where I smiled at him and he smiled back and then I shut my curtains on him, so I could find some clothes. I got dressed on the landing so nobody could see me through any chinks.

It was at this point I thought of Second Life and all the joys it can bring.

In SL, I could have heard those ladders, opened my inventory and selected an appropriate outfit and had it on before anyone saw me. It would have come with make-up and neat hair too (In my first life, I look like a crazy woman without significant grooming). Wouldn’t it be great?

In SL, my cat doesn’t have a litter tray, she doesn’t make smells, she doesn’t try to trip me up when I walk – OK, yeah, she does try to trip me up when I walk but even virtual cats have to be true to their nature.

My deliveries in Second Life come straight to my inventory without me having to make an early morning star appearance at my front door to scrawl my moniker on a probably coronavirus-infested, tiny machine which never has a little pen so you have to do it with your finger.

It got me thinking (while I was rushing out to unbolt the large back gate which the window cleaner was preparing to scale with the aid of his ladders) about all the things I would bring from Second Life into real life if I could.

Flying and teleporting, OBVS! I mean, it’s something we take for granted in SL on a day to day basis – until you go to a sim where they have both been switched off and you don’t know that, so you double click somewhere on the ground to TP there and find yourself zapped back to the rez point. There’s nothing more annoying IMHO in the whole virtual world. If I wanted to walk everywhere, I have real life legs for that… in SL, I wanna get there fast.

Land owners, if you have teleport and flying switched off on your land, it’s very annoying, please stop it. The only time it’s excusable is when the public area is a platform, or where the owner has a private dwelling above the sim and they don’t want loads of random nosey visitors. Even then… annoying.

I personally don’t care if someone wants it to be more ‘real-world-esque’, Second Life isn’t the real world, it’s better in many ways and teleporting and flying are two distinct advantages. (Sorry for that mini-rant… it’s off-topic, but it had to come out sometime).

What else? Hmm… The ability to change and adapt my body and face, that’d be good. But I’m not sure I’d want to be a chameleon in real life, I’d be forever faffing about. One visit to the pub toilets and Thom wouldn’t know who I was when I came back. Perhaps instead, we could get a one-time change deal in real life. That way I could sculpt my form into something incredible and get the hell on with naked sky-diving or whatever it is I would want to do if I were perfect.

What else would be good to bring into real life from Second Life? Your answers on a postcard, please ❤


What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Tonarino
Pose – KKLRS The Diva Pose Pack – Pose Fair Anniversary Round – Sisch Firecaster’s Flickr
Moles – KKLRS Moles galore! (4 layers) Skin Fair 2020 – Sisch Firecaster’s Flickr
Shoes – Addams // Jordy Ooh La La Laced Boots – Amalia Rainwood’s Flickr
Dress – Addams // Jordy Ooh La La Lingerie Amalia Rainwood’s Flickr
Rings – **RE** Elektra Rings – RealEvil Industries Flickr
Hair – DOUX – Marie Hairstyle – David Cooper’s Flickr

Until it becomes clear what can and what can’t be linked to and from a Flickr picture without it being considered ‘commercial activity’ I will no longer be linking to stores, marketplace, or events. I shall instead link to the creator’s Flickr where available, so you can find what you need from them directly. I recommend using SeraphimSL to find event details and links.


  • Funny how random morning tasks become a SL rant! I’d def go for a body upgrade, say, once a year. And no aging, yes teleporting and flying, no virii, no limiting myself to just one thing, etc. etc.

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    • Ooh, interesting. I do want to age though, just really gently, Haha. No aches and pains, etc. Xxx


  • Hmmm… 😀 Teleporting, definitely. Flying? Not so sure, I seldom fly in SL, I prefer walking (yeah I know I’m weird!)
    I’d probably go for the perfect body and veeeery slooooow aging. And different hair every day. Long, short, shorn…. I’d love that!!

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  • Being able to bring stuff into and out of my inventory. Can you imagine how easy it would be to tidy up when people just drop over for a visit. I also think flying would be a good thing on occasion. Every Autumn when I have to clean the eavestroughs I think, I wish this was SL. Also texturing clothes and furniture to suit your mood. How great would it be if you could update your home with a few clicks. And lastly, being able to teleport somewhere for the afternoon would be nice, no long plane, train, car or bus rides.

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    • Oh myyyyy, yes. Home and interiors would be great. I want a new wardrobe for the spare bedroom, but the thought of the upheaval puts me off… that would be so much easier. Marge, you’re a genius. ❤


    • Thanks Cherri! Oh skin… I didn’t even think of that. I’d love to be able to do that in rl, seasonal changes, add freckles, have a lovely smooth brown skin and no danger of skin cancer. Bliss.


  • Sounds like you had a morning to remember. I cant recall the last time I had to sign for a delivery. Usually they are in my mailbox, or sitting beside the door. Sometimes they ring the doorbell before they run away.

    Things to bring into RL from SL: Flying, teleporting, the ability to click on furniture and move it around, and perfect hair. Just to name a few.

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    • The moving things around seems pertinent today. I got stuck on my own stairs carrying boxes to load into the car for the charity shop… I won’t bother giving details but I was wobbling around for a good few mins before I figured out what to do. My stairs would be illegal now if my house were new, lol. Xx

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    • I am? Why so? Is this one of those compliments like when people say I’m special, but they mean I’m a nutter? 😆


    • Firstly, I would have written Meri, not ‘merry’, but shitty spellcheck would have changed it without me noticing. Secondly, I love the way you translate what are, really, mundane, everyday events, into funny, sitcom-style anecdotes, and then segue them into interesting, even philosophical musings… it’s a wonderful talent. As evidenced by my not noticing spellcheck make me look like donald trump (little ‘l’, little ‘t’) in a twitter rant, I was a bit rushed, last night, so, instead of saying all that, just said you were wonderful (:

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    • Oh Sera! That’s so lovely of you. Thank you. I don’t know who said you should write about what you know, but it seems they were right. I have a very quiet life, I love to laugh at myself and I think far too much. Haha. You summed me up. Also, phone text is something I don’t want to be judged on either 😊 big hugs x

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    • I agree with Seraphim on your ability to describe events. I often chuckle reading your posts. It is a wonderful talent to have.

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