Learn something new

Learn something new


I don’t know if this will be news for you, but it was for me. You’ll remember my review of the Slink Hourglass Redux mesh body (the version for bakes on mesh) and how I commented that most designers do not supply alphas with their product packs in Second Life any more? Well, I was delighted and surprised to find that the Pixicat sweater at Collabor88 DID come with an alpha in the folder.

I IM’d her (Areva <3) and said thank you.  I said that it would be most useful to people using the Slink Redux bodies, but what I didn’t realise until I tried it on afterwards was that alphas work on any Bakes on Mesh enabled mesh body.

So yeah, I stuck on the alpha with my Maitreya Lara and boom – custom alpha for the top I was wearing, no HUD work required.

In case I haven’t made myself clear… *ALERT! ALERT! Normal alphas work with BoM mesh bodies*

If you’re a creator and work with mesh, start sticking an alpha in the packs will you? It would make us SO happy. Thankee ❤

Did everybody else already realise this? 😮

It might even make me open up all those fabby standard sized mesh folders I have and try some stuff on. I have some amazing items not available now that I haven’t worn in YEARS.


What ARE you wearing?


Pose – GingerFish Poses – S’il Vous Plait Pack – EBento Event (Tracy Redangel’s Flickr)
Jeans Cynful Keeper Flare Pants – Collabor88 (Cynthia Ultsch’s Flickr)
Top – Pixicat Ella Sweater – Collabor88 (Areva’s Flickr)
Hair – Tram J0225 Hair – Collabor88 (Moca Loup’s Flickr)
Visit –Devin’s Eye

Until it becomes clear what can and what can’t be linked to and from a Flickr picture without it being considered ‘commercial activity’ I will no longer be linking to stores, marketplace, or events. I shall instead link to the creator’s Flickr where available, so you can find what you need from them directly. I recommend using SeraphimSL to find event details and links.



  • This is one of the best things of BOM by the way. Instead of clicking on alpha slices, or detaching and re-attaching clothes because an auto-alpha script didn’t work, you just wear the alpha. Also, instead of remembering which number in the HUD is what alpha cuts, you can save your outfit with the alpha layer as we always used before. A lot simpler! And if among your saved outfit you still have some classic mesh outfit, you can just wear Slink Redux (Physique is more compatible with the classic clothing) et voilà, modernized already! With the same textures and alphas on it. Maitreya Lara 4.1 didn’t work with BOM alphas because she hadn’t the alpha masking set correctly for that. So after years of Lara, in October I purchased Physique and I had a bunch of fun. You can also wear the body with with Lara’s feet and hands. Now Maitreya fixed it with Lara 5.x, but I still use Physique sometimes. I’m very glad that creators are adding alphas in the packs again 🙂

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    • Sue you packed so much great news into that post I wasn’t aware of, thank you! I didn’t know about the clothing for physique, the wearing with Lara feet and hands and yeah… alphas being new again is so great! ❤

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