Things to do when things are strange

Things to do when things are strange


Good day to you fine reader!

Or is it? Because let’s face it, we’re all waking up and remembering that things in our world have changed significantly – or are about to for those of you who might still be in denial.

And yes we’re worried, scared, confused. Should we stay at home? Should we see our elderly relatives or just wave at them from across the street? Should we go shopping for food or should we just wait til the chaos has died down and try then? Should we go to work and will we manage to pay our bills if we can’t go to work?

I don’t have answers, friends, I am just the same as you.

I read last night that the vulnerable, which they are classifying as ‘anyone who gets a flu jab from their doctor each year’ in the UK should self-isolate for 12 weeks… cripes. I’m supposed to be cooking a Mother’s Day dinner on Sunday for my mum and quite honestly, I don’t think I can back out of doing it… perhaps death is preferable to that sad and hurt tone in her voice.

So… aside from all the worrying and fretting, we’re going to have plenty of time to do things. But what things?!? I have some ideas on things you can do which actually will make you feel a little better about life.

  1. If you have an unattractive piece of furniture in your home, turn it into a craft project. I’m a chalk-painting diva myself, my best friend prefers decoupage and has made some really effective pieces from bits of old magazines. Find a tutorial, set yourself up and take your time – let’s face it, there’s no rush.  She’s doing her stairs soon!
  2. Gardening. Just because we have to socially distance doesn’t mean we can’t go outside. The weather will soon (fingers crossed) be much nicer and it is definitely a time when the garden will benefit from plants being trimmed back, weeds being pulled, lawns having their first mow… if you’re feeling very energetic, you could weather proof your fences and shed. Repaint your gnomes (just me? ok).
  3. Get your bike out! Yes, I’m going to. I think the germs can’t catch you if you pedal fast.
  4. Decorate. Yep, the weather is fine, you can have your windows open, the radio on and slap some paint on the walls. I mean, if you want to wallpaper, it’s your choice. I personally find it very inconvenient being slapped repeatedly around the head with damp flappiness.
  5. Make sure your rellies and friends have Skype installed… and then call them.
  6. It’s time for the Spring Clean of your body, as it’s been closeted all Winter. Shave it, wax it, moisturise it, trim things, paint things. Guys… get rid of all nasal hair, that’s never a good look.
  7. Only got strange foods in that don’t go together? That’s ok… sometimes when I get stuck for inspiration and have something like a tomato, some sardines, an egg and some spinach, I just put them into Google along with the word ‘recipe’ and Google God provides. Make a cake, make pastry, make bread… all things you probably don’t usually have time to do. There are a multitude of dishes out there no matter what food you can get hold of, so don’t restrict yourself to what you would normally eat.
  8. Make a list of the books you think you should have read but haven’t – and read them. Yeah… then you can discuss how Dickens was alluding to the works of Plato and how F Scott Fitzgerald had a homo-erotic undertone… or something.
  9. Clean the house. Yes… not exciting, I know, but you can channel ladies from days of yore who would each Spring take down their curtains, wash their windows and frames, skirting boards, floors, doorsteps, yards, beat their rugs on the line and generally look adorable in those head scarves and an apron.
  10. Practice make-up tutorials from Youtube and take selfies… yeah, let’s pretend we’re 14 again. If you’re male and reading this, you should video yourselves miming to songs and dancing and post them on Facebook… just cus we’d all love to see that. Cheer up the world with your song!
  11. Second Life – where everybody knows your name (cus it’s written over your head) and they’re always glad you came (cus that means you’ve not died). There are always new places to explore, new friends to make and new hobbies to take up in Second Life. Escape to a place with no social distancing. Live the dream. (LL should pay me).
  12. Write a diary or blog. These are strange times, hopefully, they are times that won’t come again for a good while, why not document them and at the same time, have an outlet for your frustrations and worries?

If you’ve got any more ideas on things we can do while we wait for the world to end (or not hopefully) I’d love to hear about them.

Much love to you and yours, stay well ❤



What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Ash Falls
Dress – Baiastice – Gio Belted Dress – Collabor88 (Baiastice’s Flickr) NEW!
Hair – Stealthic – Cascade (Stealthic Flickr)
Necklace – Emyrean Forge: Tesoro del Luna Necklace (No Flickr, sorry)


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  • It’s such a surreal time. I drove to work this morning and it was like a Sunday morning drive. Hardly a vehicle for me to yell at. Sigh. This virus is taking all of the joy of driving away. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  • 1 + 2: Does not apply to our lifestyle, as neither hubby nor me are homely people. I’d even sell everything, swap house for an RV and take my life on the road if it wasn’t for hubby’s disability.
    3: Only if I can take a motorbke.
    4: See 1
    5: I hate communication and chatting. And people.
    6: I do that every day in the gym, not just once a year, you durty Brit. 😦
    7: Sardines, eggs and spinach sounds amazing! But leave out the tomatoes, they are rubbish.
    8: Pfff. I read all the books I want, not some pretentious old shit just because “it’s a classic”.
    9: See 1
    10: But I don’t wanna pretend I’m, like, 14. Do I have to? *tantrum*
    11: I used to do that every day anyway. It’s just that my good gaming ‘puter is kaputt right now. 😦
    12: LOL, you realize you’re talking to a bunch of bloggers anyhoo, do ya?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah Orca my darling, one size does not fit all 😀 However, you might have some ideas that could inspire?

      The only part of your answer I can take exception to is the idea that women with body hair are dirty. It’s not dirty to have hair, it’s normal. I mean, not pretty, perhaps, but basically fine. Long as we shower or bath, no issue xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oké, maybe I misunderestimated you and thought you only wash and trim your hair once a year, during springtime. 😮 Nuffink against body hair, as I myself am a proud armpit hair wearer, and my beaver has never, like never ever, been shaved. Not even going for a Brazilian bikini wax. I leave these things for my avatar.

      Liked by 1 person

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