Going Loop de Loop

Going Loop de Loop


I didn’t think it would happen to me but it has, I’ve finally lost my marbles and gone loopy. I don’t have much evidence to offer you at this stage but I will do my best.

Firstly, I work from home normally. I live alone normally (apart from that crazy cat) and so I’m used to being alone. I quite like it usually. I’m one of these introverted extroverts. If you met me out, you’d think I was a very extroverted person – and I am at that moment, but I need my alone time in order to recharge my happy batteries.

I knew that the self-isolation thing would hit most people much harder than me. I have another bit of my normal working in my favour you see, my relationship with Thom. Even thought it’s a real-life relationship, we still live at a distance and so each night, we get on Skype together and talk, or watch a movie or something ‘normal’.

So basically, much of my life hasn’t changed at all. I’m still here, working away, doing my blog, talking to my man, blah de blah de whoopee.

But I have standards, you know. I often joke about the joy of working in my pajamas, but I don’t really, actually, do it.

No, I get up, I get clean, I do my hair, I put on clothes (admittedly, not always ones I’d wear outdoors, but they are clean clothes and I could at least answer the door). I always, and I mean always, wear a bra.

Yep, underwear is important when maintaining standards and I always have fresh, sensible* undies to wear each day even when I’m completely alone and not planning on going out. (I have a drawer of sensible undies and a drawer of insensible undies… the second drawer is almost stuck shut these days, so loathed am I to put on anything likely to cause me pain… like underwired bras!).

You can imagine my surprise then, when this morning I got up and thought ‘NAH! Can’t be bothered with a bra today’.

Not only that, but I decided I’d shower later, rather than before work. I put on yesterday’s sweater.

I’m actually blushing as I type this to you. I’m ashamed. My standards have gone, the world is in pieces and I’m going with it.

I swear I’m going to get ‘it’ back. I plan on having a pamper day this week. I will do mani and pedi, do my hair properly, remove the stubble from my legs etc.

If a bear shits in the woods, does it exist if the Pope doesn’t see it?

That is my question to you today, dear Reader. Also, do you have your underwear on?

What ARE you wearing?

Skirt – Cynful Keeper Skirt – Maitreya Lara NEW! Uber (Cynthia’s Flickr)
Top – Cynful Spring Top – Maitreya Lara NEW! (Cynthia’s Flickr)
Necklace – Izzie’s – Letter Heart Necklace (gold) (Izzie’s Flickr)
Hair – Tableau Vivant \\ Buttercup hair – Blonds NEW! (Tableau Vivant Flickr)
Nose Piercing – REVOUL – Love Me Like XO Collection ❤  NEW! (Revoul’s Flickr)
Face Tattoo – REVOUL – Love Me Like XO Collection ❤ NEW! (Revoul’s Flickr)

Until it becomes clear what can and what can’t be linked to and from a Flickr picture without it being considered ‘commercial activity’ I will no longer be linking to stores, marketplace, or events. I shall instead link to the creator’s Flickr where available, so you can find what you need from them directly. I recommend using SeraphimSL to find event details and links.


  • Fresh underwear daily is essential. Because, as my mom says, if I should get into a devastating accident and went to the hospital, I would impress those in the ER that I had clean underwear on.

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    • That is why. It is the rule the world over. All mothers say this. However… I have spent *some* days on this earth and never so far has it happened to me. I hope it never does, but if it does, you can guarantee it will be on a day when I go braless and my undies have some stupid message on them.

      Also, support our medical workers – wear clean underwear.

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  • “do you have your underwear on?”
    Wot? You kiddn, right? We’re in isolation and making te best of it.;)

    “my mom says, if I should get into a devastating accident and went to the hospital, I would impress those in the ER that I had clean underwear on.”
    Haha, your mom is everybody’s mom.Mine always was angry with me when I drove home from the campground sunday nights, after a weekend of beach and surf life, in bikini, shorts and flip flops. The best argument was always “Imagine you get in a car wreck, what will the doctors think of you?”
    “Mom, I’m driving a fuked up very old VW camper van, avoid the autobahn and will stop a couple of times for ice cream and grilled chicken anyway. Worst thing that can happen if someone crashes into me would be a spilled lemonade.”

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    • Ah Orca, I feel better knowing that you a) don’t care about underwear at the moment and b) enjoyed a misspent… or well spent… youth xx


  • I think right now we are all going a bit “looop de loop”. We all deal with the added stress in different ways. In order of the questions asked: yes, yes. Although I find it interesting that moms were concerned with wearing clean underwear, and not bras.

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    • Ah, well, that’s interesting too. We have a slight difference of understanding, with us being from opposite sides of the Atlantic. In British parlance, underwear refers to the whole lot… our words for your underwear are knickers, pants or underpants.

      I hope you’re keeping okay, Sadiepie xx

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    • *chuckles* There are a lot of terms used for underwear, bras, knickers, panties, etc. on this side of the pond. I’ve just always used underwear for the bottom part and bra for the top. 🙂 We sure do end up in some interesting conversations. 🙂

      I am doing okay. A bit scatter brained lately. Adjusting to this new world we find ourselves in.

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    • I like the non descriptive nature of the word underwear. Especially in a hospital context. I wish we used it in the way you do, sometimes.

      And hell yes we do have interesting conversations. We’re interesting people.

      I think it’s very natural to be scatterbrained, I’m sure there’s a lot going off in your head at the moment.

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    • I sometimes wonder if the Pope even thinks about the bears at all. But that’s probably a theological issue. ❤


    • I just went and listened and I suspect he too was inspired by the mish mash of… well, I don’t know what they’re called. But they go like this

      Do bears shit in the woods?
      Is the Pope catholic?
      If a tree falls over in the forest and nobody hears it, did it happen?

      Maybe John Cale only used the first two, but literally nobody links the Pope and bears without having heard those, do they?

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    • Ever since I first heard that song, whenever I hear/read ‘do bears shit in the woods?’, or any mention of the pope being ‘in Rome’, I think of that song… that’s kind of another dimension to the mish mash, isn’t it? (:

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    • I really like that song, it speaks to how stupid the masses are, but it’s also really poignant, the bit about the wounded insect is so sad! It’s not pop music, but, then, I don’t do pop music (:

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  • I go out for the authorized near home sports these days, because it’s allowed plus i’m immune. I do wear a bra thus. Did I wear a bra when I was sick? Honestly I don’t remember, my mind was elsewhere. Bisous

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