Coffee Break?

Coffee break?


I just found myself wondering why I’m most likely to blog on a Monday. I mean, it’s hardly the most convenient day of the week, it’s by far my busiest and I should be working on something even as we speak…

And I think that’s why. I think, Reader, that I need you more on a Monday than any other day of the week. I guess if I worked with other people in an office environment, this would be the point I’d go make a cup of tea and hope to meet someone near the kettle I could have a chat to for a few minutes – just to take a break from the mind-bending nature of my work.

You are my therapy.

Writing, for me, is the most natural way of communicating. I don’t know why. I’m better at it than speaking. I mean, obvs I can speak and do – plenty, but sometimes my thoughts just seem to work better on paper than they do coming directly from my mouth. I don’t censor or worry. I do leave out the umms and ahhs.

I don’t get nervous when I write. I can write to many more people than I could speak to all at once without stuttering or breaking out into a nervous head sweat. When I have to stand up and speak in a meeting or something, I freak out a little inside. People have said ‘Don’t be silly, you’re usually so confident, what’s the worst that can happen?’

Once, I went to an interview, a big one, with a panel of seven interviewers. I had to do a presentation using Powerpoint (hate Powerpoint) before even sitting and answering questions. I was not a happy bunny. I had a very bad cold and throat and didn’t look my best because of this.

I got my paperwork out of my case and managed to throw my pack of (banned and ancient) Contac 400 tablets across the table at them. I apologised. I then gave out the handouts which (probably wisely) they handled as little as possible in case they caught my lurgy.

I started my presentation and if there’s a God, he thought it would be funny to hit the mute switch. Yep, my voice just disappeared. Completely.

The panic I felt was added to the delirious fever sweat I had going on and while I’d love to have removed my jacket, I couldn’t because I noticed earlier my blouse gaped at the front, showing my not inconsiderable attributes.

I kept going, making this weird hissing sound at them while my mouth moved and I pointed at the screen. I kept having to stop and blow my nose. They let me carry on in this fashion for five very long minutes, but stopped me before I got to finish – and I had a really great finish planned.

See… that’s the worst that can happen.

I sat, had a drink of water, still no voice, so I hissed my answers to the questions at them. I then went and took a written exam where I scored the highest of anybody attending (there were 30 of us, apparently) and while this got me to the final five they were considering, I wasn’t offered the job.

The feedback? The panel felt I hadn’t come over well at the interview.


This is why I prefer the written word.


What ARE you wearing?

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  • What a bunch of assholes (pardon my language)! I have always HATED interviews. The feeling that you have to sell yourself to someone doesn’t really appeal to me, and I’m not good at it. The job usually goes to the one with the best acting skills and/or the one who the interviewer feels the least threatened by….

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    • Yeah… my pet hate is when they ask you what you’d do and you mention changing something and they all look terrified and – for some reason – you keep going rather than walking out. Cus you know then it”s not going to happen! Hugs Sisch x


  • I completely understand. Although at times I can sit and stare at the page and wonder what to write. I feel totally at home writing rather than talking. Being shy doesnt help. I get all tongue tied especially when people insist on interrupting the presentation to jump ahead or go back to the start. Interviews are the worst.

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