Cherry Whips

Cherry Whips


I found a small cut on my cat’s foot yesterday. It was one of her back feet, and the edge of one of her adorable chocolate-chip pads was injured. Luckily, I have a veterinary nurse in my Whatsapp, so I messaged her and she said to send a photo and I promptly did. (That bit is a lie, it took an hour and a very confused cat flailing her feet around while I begged her to stay still).

She said to keep her in and bathe it in a saline solution, which I already had so I will continue doing that. I had also spent another hour putting a little sterile dressing on it, again, much to the irritation and bemusement of my cat, who simply gave her foot one quick shake when I let her up and the little sock I’d constructed flew across the room.

Today she’s okay… she’s a bit fed up that I’ve locked the cat flap and even more surprised that now I want her to use the litter tray after a year of saying ‘OH NOOOOOOO’ very loudly every time she wants to go peepee-poopoo in there. But she’s going with it, she’s a great cat.

I haven’t told my mum yet. She’ll be most upset about it. She was a very strict human-child mother and a very indulgent cat-child mother. She’s equally a very indulgent cat-child grandma and is already missing seeing the cat far more than she’s missing me.

Although she’d deny it, for a while. Til I got the thumb-screws out.

Anyway I have approximately 500 pictures of my cat being held down while her feet blur close to the camera and of parts of me covered in cat fur… I may make a collage today.


What ARE you wearing?

Blueberry – In Control – Blazer Jacket – Legacy (Blueberry’s Flickr)
Blueberry – In Control – Skirts & Panties – Legacy
Blueberry – In Control – 1 – Tucked in Tops – Legacy
Blueberry – In Control – Stiletto Heels – Legacy
Miam Miam Jewelery – Cherry Charm Necklace (used to be on marketplace)
[blissiere] two-tone celtic cuff – cherry quartz (Blissiere’s Flickr)
[KKLRS] Hair – Jupiter – The Liaison Collaborative – (Sisch’s Flickr)



I write a combination Second Life Fashion blog while rambling about my real life, tiny bits of fiction and reviews of SL items. It's a bit of a mish-mash, just like me! <3


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