I want chips!

I want chips!


Yo! And Good day to you blog readers. I got a serious urge for chippy chips the other night. I mean, I didn’t get any because I didn’t want to add a large cod in batter and a tub of Ben and Jerrys to make the minimum order value for delivery and let’s face it… £12 of chippy chips would be excessive. Sometimes it’s hard living alone and that was one of those times. I had my green chicken stew instead with some rice… not nearly so exciting.

I was thinking yesterday how this lockdown has meant I’ve done some jobs around the house I don’t do frequently. I’ve turned my mattress, for instance. I washed my car by hand last weekend. I was thinking of some more of these jobs I could do today and then I realised… I’ve done practically nothing for myself.

No errant hair removal, no attention to my head-hair roots, no face-masks, no all over moisturising, no long soaks in the bath. No listening to Enya while I flagellate myself gently with peacock feathers… not that I do the last one, I just made it up. You get the gist anyhoo.

And enough is enough! Today and possibly tomorrow, I’m going to treat myself really nicely. Bit of exercise, lots of pampering, listen to some tunes etc.

I’ve had a good start to the day as I had fresh sheets on last night and a good night’s sleep and I have a whole list of personal chores to do as a gift to me.

It doesn’t matter if nobody has seen me close up and personal for two months. I see me! And it ain’t pretty.

I will report back – after.

What are you going to do for yourself? Let it be something great, please or CHIPS! ❤

What ARE you wearing?

Lamb. Dream On (Lamb Flickr)
VINYL -Firefly Dress – Legacy @ N21 (Vinyl Flickr)
VINYL – Sweet Tea Work Boots – Legacy @ N21 (Vinyl Flickr)
{what next} Portobello Basket & Apple (reds) (What Next Flickr)


  • Meribum, I so get this. I was craving chippy chips so bad. I added a medium pizza to my order and saved that until the next day. It made up the minimum order value AND lasted two days ♥

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  • I indulge in a lot of great food (and wanking). example of foods: I make chocolate cake once a week (Nigella’s vegan cake, lush – I don’t normally insist on vegan cake but that’s what I could bake with my available ingredients at some point, and it turned out so good I’m not trying any other). I make my own cassoulet (glorified tomato bean with duck) and I add rosé wine in the sauce and it’s to die for. I soak chick peas once a week and either make some variant of humus (this week had goat yogurt in it) or some falafels. Fried potatoes (lots like chips that), in the rest of the duck grease. Veggie couscous. Cod and fresh spinach. Chorizo chili. Sea food pasta. Amazing salads. Strawberries in cream. I have never treated myself so well.

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    • They all sound lush bebe! I too love to cook and make some really nice things… just sometimes there’s no substitute for chippy chips. Not sure how wanking found its way into your menu, but yay for you! Love you xxx


  • ” No listening to Enya while I flagellate myself gently with peacock feathers” That made me laugh out loud. Now, excuse me whilst I try to procure some peacock feathers for myself. 😉

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  • I’ve decided to turn off the computer and read through some books today. I have been spending too much time in SL lately. Also I have eaten ice cream, and working out, a bit more. Past that I have been sleeping more than normal.

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    • That sounds really healthy… mind, body, soul. I’m not in SL much these days. I do my pics and go on once a fortnight to a friend’s set, where I also get to see the rest of my friends. Thomas’s only in once a fortnight, we just hang out in real life or on Skype instead. What books are you reading? Any recommendations? Xx

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    • Sounds cool. It is good you have him to Skype with. 🙂 I have a wide variety or romance, romance mystery, mystery books. I won’t read horror. All of them either bought at a discount book store, or given to me by a relative in our yearly book exchange. Well, not this year obviously. I tend to like some authors more than others. But will pretty much read most books so long as they keep my attention.

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