Meri’s Womanifesto

Meri's Womanifesto


So hey! I’m back! It’s good to be here writing to you all. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of ReadMeri and what I want and so I’ve written myself a ‘womanifesto’ which I share with you in the Youtube video below. It’s only a shortish one, so feel free to go have a listen.

Are you back? Did you listen? Good.

Are you going to write yourself a manifesto or womanifesto? Do let me know if you do, I’d love to know all about it.

The other day I got up with every intention of working my arse off and then got thinking about something else completely. Elvis. And Jesus. And why they are forever connected in my mind.

I grew up in a place where the living rooms of my friend’s mothers were adorned with either Jesus or Elvis and sometimes both. The King of the Jews and the King of Rock and Roll lived happily side-by-side, which you wouldn’t necessarily think. Each had things in common with the other. They had both largely left their surnames behind, going for catchy, one-word names people didn’t forget.

They were both dead, of course, but were no less handsome for that. Fat Elvis rarely made an appearance, except in the homes of the most die-hard fan mothers. Jesus was occasionally ‘so loving the world’ in a peaceful manner – tending sheep, touching children or being amazed by his own halo – but most commonly he was almost-naked and pinned to a cross with an expression of pain and anguish on his handsome Caucasian hipster face.

Of course, both their lives ended in a very unfortunate way and after lots of fan stalking. Jesus was crucified for being ‘King of the Jews’ by Pontius Pilate and his band of merry men. Elvis was ‘struck down’ by a heart attack, rumoured to happen while he was on the toilet.

I always thought it was horribly ironic that Jesus died for being ‘King of the Jews’ when after, the Jews said ‘he’s not our king!’. Seemed a bit ungrateful to me.

Elvis’s plight in particular struck a chord with me as someone who imagines dying on the toilet to be quite literally adding insult to injury. As a result, I usually go to the toilet with my brain saying ‘Please don’t let me die like Elvis, please!’

Of course, I’m talking to Caucasian hipster Jesus when I say this, because only he can decide. Though why he’d be merciful about the way people go when his own death was probably the worst ever, God only knows.

I didn’t know who Elvis was when I first saw him, captured in his prime, splashed all over the living room walls of Carolyn Pye’s mother.

I said ‘Who’s that?’ and pointed at the handsome man in the white skin-tight jumpsuit, half expecting her to say, ‘My dad’ or something. Carolyn’s mother appeared as if from nowhere and said ‘ELVIS!’ with a look on her face that implied I hadn’t known the face of the son of God.

My own mother wasn’t really into Jesus or Elvis, so we had none of that on our walls at home.


tram H0125 hair (Tram Flickr)
REIGN.- Boho Bag (UNRIGGED)- Geo (Reign. Flickr)
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Adult Companion RARE (Jian Flickr)
Addams // Heaven GemStud Jeans with Belt (w/socks) // Legacy NEW! (Addams Flickr)
Addams // Heaven Short Boots with Ruffle Sock // Legacy NEW!
Addams // Heaven Knotted L.Sleeve Sweater (Alone) // Legacy NEW!





  • I like the Womanifesto….but can I say. No one blogs like you and I have always said that. You are a proper blogger. Someone who has some things to say in a totally engaging way. As for your pictures I love your style and always have. No one really reads my blog and I don’t care. Because like you, no one else cares like I do 🙂 xx Because its fun and doing it for me.

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  • I agree with all of your points, especially #5. I’ve been feeling a bit the same lately, and wondering if blogging has (at least for now) run its course. Also, my pc was starting to expire, as the old beast couldn’t really deal with the large sample libraries and new programs. I’ve just built a new one and some old roadblocks are now gone, which makes me want to spend more time recording. Then again, without my bloggin’ buddies, who would I share the music with? Questions, questions….

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  • Mari…I love this. And…I love you. Most important thing in all of this, blogging, Second Life, real life, etc., is that you have to take care of you first. You’re right…blogging should be fun. Not that we don’t take it seriously but we should all be having fun with it….otherwise, why do it? You are one of my favorite bloggers because your style is unique and original to you, I love your writing (I wish like hell I had your sense of humor) and, most importantly, you are just a good person and someone who inspires me…in many areas of life. You do what you need to do and to hell with what others think. It is your blog and your pictures…no one else. Big hugs, beautiful. ♥

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  • That is a good womanifesto and I agree with all the points. Being a perfectionist myself I can understand that drive to have it all be perfect. Balance is really important. We all have to prioritze the things that are important to us. And take care of ourselves. I do enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 *hugs*

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    • Nope we are our own worst enemies and our own greatest cheerleaders. The thing is to ignore the bully and focus on the cheerleader. I am taking inspiration from you and buckling down on something I have wanted to accomplish for a long time.

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  • You know I’m one of your biggest fans. You also know you are the one that made me want to start blogging in the first place. I love your pictures, and your witty writey bits. But, most importantly I love YOU. I so get it. Your womanifesto is brilliant and perfect. Do what you want lovely, you will be so much happier for it ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, I didn’t do this to get attention, but some of the things said are overwhelming and very touching. I’m so, so glad you started blogging and it makes my heart happy when I can see how very far you’ve come. You’re a wee star, my Phencakes. Thank you. Xxx

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  • Hi Meri, I came across your blog post via the Second Life community blogs area. I’m not blogging as often as I used to, partly because I got burnt out a bit last year and needed a break, partly because real life is getting in the way a lot, and partly because I’ve needed to remind myself why I go into Second Life.

    I used to be a member of DeviantArt back in the 2000s, and Slashdot prior to that, and those were my first experiences of the anxiety that can be caused by focussing on the ‘numbers’ – likes, comments, etc. That was an early lesson I learnt, that those numbers are ultimately meaningless. What matters are the friends you meet along the way, the discussions that are sparked, and the joy of discovery.

    I now have a simple rule – my health and happiness come first, followed by family and friends, with Second Life being something I dip into when I want to. I think that’s the mistake that a lot of people are making, giving the virtual world too much priority.

    Lots of love, and I’ll definitely write my own ‘alienifesto’ and link it here. 🙂

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    • Hi Spiffy! Great to meet you and thank you for sharing your own experiences with me. I don’t spend much time in SL any more, I think you’re right it can take over. I do still see my friends in world twice a month and the rest of the time it’s just photos, really.

      I think my own pressure comes from within and wanting to be the best for my sponsors, and sometimes, it’s not possible to be the best. In fact, for me, it’s unachievable.

      I’m letting my ego go for a long walk off a short pier, Haha.

      Looking forward to your alienifesto! Xxxx


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