By the light

By the light


Last weekend, a friend of mine in both worlds, Paloma, DJ’d a set at the RIBONG Gallery Artspace in Second Life. It was a great set, of course, she’s a stylish girl. I’d not visited the gallery before and messaged the owner to thank her.

I’m always very thankful of people who set up and pay for entertainment and culture for Second Life residents. Running a gallery might seem like a relatively cost-free enterprise, but it isn’t. It involves providing land and that isn’t cheap to do on a long-term basis.

San, the owner, was very sweet and kind and I told her I would visit again to see the exhibitions and enjoy myself. I went back two days ago and took in one of the current exhibitions, ‘Lonely Gazes’ by Melusina Parkin. It was a lovely way to spend an hour, gazing at her contemplative works.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right for me to photograph and share the images here, I want you to go and visit the RIBONG, but I did take a quick snapshot of the exhibition hall to show you.


Why not treat yourself to a day out in Second Life, enjoying the culture on offer to you for free. If you have some spare lindens, don’t forget to support the venue.

What ARE you wearing?

Cynful Ariana Dress @ Collabor88 (Cynful Flickr)
Besom x Reign – Bali Wrap hairstyle @ Collabor88 (Besom Flickr)



  • Well, if you’d ‘photographed and shared’ some images, you’d have given an idea of the quality of art on offer… most SL galleries show a boringly generic, SL version of ‘art’, which is dull and repetitive… what does your friends gallery show?

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