Life could be a dream, Sweetheart

Life could be a dream, Sweetheart


So, how are you? I never ask you that. I’m always talking about me, me, me on this blog. It’s strange because that’s not how it happens in real life at all. I’m always asking questions of people and I divert too much attention on me with more questions (there you go, lesson one from the short book ‘How to appear extrovert when you don’t feel it’).

It’s been a tough time for you hasn’t it? And you’re probably thinking ‘Yeah but it’s been a tough time for everyone’ and it has. But I’m more concerned about how it has been for you.

Are you still shielding as much as possible?

Are you keeping up social distancing?

Do you have to go and work with other people, or are you at home?

How are things where you are?

And most importantly, reader, I want to know, how are you, how are you dealing with everything?

Me? Well, it’s a combination of ice-cream and hard work. I wake up every morning filled with a real urge to better myself and to improve my lot in life and then I go to bed feeling I might have achieved a little, but mainly I ate ice-cream. I’d blame it on the heatwave, but that doesn’t explain why I ate it again last night, when it was much cooler. Hmm.

I’m still shielding, but I did hug my Mum the other day. Had to be done, folks. She’s nearly 80 and who knows how long we’ll have the people we love? It has been months since she’s had a hug and she lives alone, so I thought she needed one.

I’m lucky in that I work from home anyway, so no difference for me there, aside from the guy I normally work with (remotely) wasn’t doing it, so I’m having to deal with a different guy – and boy is he not enjoying the process. I swear, I don’t want to make it miserable for him, but it’s not my fault. Has to be done.

Things in my area seem okay, mostly, although there are a fair few idiots here, as there are everywhere. Leicestershire is very close, though, and it’s terrible there. They are looking at doing a local lockdown in Leicester itself, which should hopefully stop it from spreading out to more rural areas and eventually to me (aagh).

How am I? Well, remember what I said about deflecting attention away from myself by asking questions…. 😀

Seriously, I’m fine. I’d love for you to answer the questions though. Please. ❤


What ARE you wearing?

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  • I am working at my office, with a fair amount of time on the road. I keep my mask on when I’m around anyone other than the closest of friends. Other than that, life has been relatively normal, with the exception of the painters that I have had at my house for the last 4 weekends, which is really cramping my recreational life. 😀

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  • Uh, yes?
    Hells yes.
    Working from home.
    Too bloody hot and humid.
    Kids are going stir crazy from the lack of social interaction, which is making us crazy, which is bad for all. They finally opened the beaches for groups of less than 6 so they met up with a coup of friends and chatted for hours. That seemed to help. Plans for a beach picnic this week if the rain holds off. Might go anyway and eat in the SUV in the rain. I used to do that with my parent and sister when I was younger.

    And to complete your title… Do do do do do Sha-boom.

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    • Sha boom sha boom sha boom… a great song 😀 Sounds like a good idea to go and do a beach picnic this weekend. I’m also all for going in the rain. My parents used to cancel things all the time if the weather didn’t look good – and then they’d not do things when it was good because the roads would be busy. Agh agh agh. I feel they failed me in that regard. So yeah… get out and enjoy life when you can x

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    • To be fair, its our independence celebration this saturday.. SO the beach is most certainly out. Not dealing with idiots and morons while i’m trying to relax with my family. Grilling in the back yard this weekend, rain or shine.
      Sadly, my external Hard drive died that had every single picture i ever took of my kids, and family on it.. I will have to save up and see if i can get it recovered… $500 USD starting price is a bit much..

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    • Drake that’s awful! I’m so sorry to hear that. I won’t say anything about clouds because if you do get it back, I know you’ll back your back up. I’m just so sorry. I wish I was rich xx

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  • I’m totally fed up. I’m still on furlough, which means I can’t work yet. I was hoping to be back at work next week, but it seems not. My work depends on the hotel sector reopening, and, although they are allowed to from this coming Saturday, it appears only a handful will actually be opening as not many have got all their health and safety precautions in place in time. I’m still being very careful about going out and about, while not fully shielding, I am keeping my distance and I wear my mask if i go in a shop, although I don’t do that often. I also live very close to Leicestershire, my dad actually lives their, and my daughter with her two babies, so I’m watching that situation carefully, and, obviously with concern. Just ovet the boarder in Warwickshire, where I am, things don’t seem so bad as a whole, but the small town where are live has seen an upsurge in new cases over the last week, and the local hospital has had a rise in admissions with Covid patients. But people here are just going about life as if nothing ever happened now, and it’s bloody scary. I also have some financial concerns. I’ve only been getting 80% of wages since March, and 20% is a big chunk to lose when every penny, every month is already accounted for. On the positive side, I have a much needed haircut booked in for 10th July, and my garden has never looked so tidy!, I have also read several books that were on my wish list to get read, so am now looking for more recommendations for a good read, thats what I’m blogging about on my post today.

    You pictures are always so beautiful and reading your blog always makes me smile. Sorry for the long ranty bit, but thanks for giving me the opportunity, you did ask! Love your face Meribumcheeks ♥

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    • No I really wanted to know. I’m so sorry Phencakes, it sounds so difficult – especially financially, cus nobody wants to be taking payment holidays and saving up trouble for the future. Hugs you tight.
      Glad to hear about your garden, I wish I could brag the same. I really must get out there and DO something with it.
      I bought The Testaments yesterday, Margaret Atwood’s follow up to The Handmaid’s Tale. So far it’s awesome. If you’ve not read that, (or both), I recommend them wholeheartedly. ❤
      Love your bum Phenfacecheeks 😀 xxx

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  • I’m OK under the circumstances. I’m still shielding, though I’ve been taking daily walks for the last few weeks. I just got a face mask to wear when doing my walks, because most people aren’t wearing masks hear and don’t seem to grasp social distancing. Plus, I have a feeling the infection rate is going to go up again soon because the government is pushing ahead with easing the lockdown.

    I’m exercising and eating healthily, and getting out in the garden. I helped pick a lot of the fruits from the garden — so far we’ve done the gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, and we’re currently harvesting the loganberries and wild strawberries as they come up. Lots of jam made for the rest of the year. 🙂 We’ll get raspberries in the autumn. The rhubarb hasn’t done well this year due to the lack of rain, but we harvested some earlier in the year, and might get a bit more in the autumn.

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  • I had a great holiday seeing friends in the South then back up to family and finally hiking in hte mountains. I didn’t hug my dad because he wouldn’t, didn’t act hurt or anything but it did pinch a bit. Now back to work. I feel great. I wear a mask where they ask us to (at work, in some shops, in some buses) and don’t where they don’t request it. I kiss and hug a bunch of friends and a lover. We all do and figures are going down (for now). Bisous

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    • I’m glad you’re doing okay, bebe. Shame you couldn’t hug your dad but it’s for his own good, and yours I guess. Xxx


  • I am surviving. I am writing, gardening, and watching all the critters (rabbits, opossum, squirrels, etc.) that come through the area. The mama deer brought her two kids around. They jump so high I know they could easily get to my garden if they wanted. I haven’t left the house much. I have seen some relatives several weeks ago. I haven’t gone to the store in I don’t know how long that it is getting to me. I am listening to and comforting my friends and family as much as I can. Trying to not take it to heart when they don’t want to listen to me go on about the same frustrations they just expressed for the last hour. Finding ways to cope and deal with all of this. The blog helps despite it taking me time sometimes to think of something to write. So I guess I am doing okay. Thanks for asking and listening to the long answer. 🙂

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    • It sounds like you live in a very lovely place. All that nature in your back yard… almost literally, lol. I know what you are feeling about not being listened to, it can be hard. I’ve had some of the same. Don’t take too much on will you? Hugs you xx

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    • Thanks. I do live in a lovely nature filled place. *smiles*

      I’m trying to keep balanced and not take on too much. I just find having creative outlets help me to stay balanced right now.


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