Fancy a festival?

Fancy a festival?


2020 hasn’t been the most sociable year. Still, barely a thing is open to go and visit and there’s narry a festival on the horizon… OR IS THERE?

In Second Life, a real treat is on the horizon. Cosmic Leaves Festival is being held at a custom-designed sim and DJs from some of Second Life’s fabulous alternative and indie clubs are coming together to give us a long weekend of the best music, on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of July between the hours of 12 pm – 6 pm SLT.

And, amazingly, despite being yesterday’s chip wrappings and not having had a club for 2 years, they’ve asked me to do an hour’s set. Sadly, it’s the opening set. I say sadly, I hope it won’t be sad, but it is nerve-wracking for a woman who has only clocked up about 3 hours of DJing in the last two years.

cosmic leaves 2

Bisou (kissoux), owner of the Gluehouse has been instrumental in conceiving and organising the event, ably assisted by her good friend Ciambi (who has paid for the venue himself!).

Kanjena (Sausage) has been heavily involved in the sim design and it’s amaaaazing. I know she’s had a good bit of help from others too including the lovely Indi! ❤ (I can’t remember all of the names but if any of them read this, I mean you!).

On the Friday, after my set, Kanjena will do an hour and a little later Iain (Ebae) will do an hour – it’ll be almost like old times for us three. Elizabeth (Liz) an excellent DJ I haven’t heard for more years than I care to admit – is sandwiched between them.

So, what do you need to know to come along?

Be there for 12 pm SL time/8pm UK time if you want to support me. I’d loooove for you to do that, cus I’s scared!

Here’s the landmark – it will be usable from Friday opening, they’re still setting up and modifying things so you shouldn’t try to get in before.

Don’t forget – it’s on for 3 nights for at least 6 hours per night. It’s going to be epic and the sim is wonderful for exploring, there’s a beach, campsites, a theatre, surf opportunities, campfires to sit around, bars, snacks and other amusements.

Please also note that unlike most SL festivals, it’s not going to be a commercial opportunity, by this I mean the cost has been absorbed by those kind enough to organise the event, it’s not being recouped through a shopping area or any sponsors. Don’t forget to tip the house, in other words!

Hope you can come… Eek. ❤

What ARE you wearing?

Magika – Hair – Rowan (Magika Flickr)
Pure Poison – Zipp Shorts – Legacy (Pure Poison Flickr)
Cynful Zipper Top – Leather – Legacy Perky NEW! (Cynful Flickr)
[Cynful] Wish Necklace – Choker with Resize (Cynful Flickr)
REVOUL – Love Me Like XO Collection ❤ / Tattoo 2 (Revoul Flickr)
lock&tuft – paddle ball (Fully Body Pose) NEW! (Lock&Tuft Flickr)


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