There’s a guy works down the chipshop…

There's a guy works down the chipshop...


… swears he’s Elvis. But he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you. Yep, the words of the never-to-be-forgotten Kirsty McColl.

I kinda lied to my Mum yesterday. She knew I was up to something when I had words with James the gardening and handyman in private a few weeks ago. She asked me outright today if I was planning something with James that concerned her and I said I didn’t know what she meant. She had edged around this a few times previously and tried to get me to spill and I told her I was sleeping with him.

She laughed, cus this was a blatant lie and she could tell. I’m all okay with ridiculous lies. I told her he was planning something for my garden and I didn’t want to discuss it in advance (which is true, but not the whole truth).

I asked her why she was concerned and she said she wouldn’t want me to let him do anything to her house or garden without discussing it with her first and I said I’d never do that… which is kinda true.

What am I looking for from you? I dunno. Absolution? I’m a very honest person. I actually find it hard to lie at all. To me, honesty is my first response and if someone asks me a question, the real answer burns on the tip of my tongue and exchanging it for something false makes me sad.

It doesn’t mean I never lie, sometimes you have to. If you go through life always telling everybody the whole truth, you’d end up alone. If I have to lie, I try to do it for the benefit of the person I’m talking to.

But I’m still always tempted by absolute truth, even when it would ruin a birthday surprise. My mum is hard to surprise, not because she can’t be fooled, but because she insists on knowing everything in advance so that she ‘doesn’t worry about it’. Course, what she doesn’t know, she can’t worry about in advance can she?

I have the most honest relationship of my life with her and so today, I feel bad for planning something for her birthday and not telling her in advance.

Yep, I need you to tell me that’s okay. Please.

What ARE you wearing?

Addams // Philomena Studded Blazer & Top // Legacy NEW! (Addams Flickr)
Addams // Philomena Button Mini Skirt // Legacy NEW! (Addams Flickr)
Addams // Philomena Bootie Flat Sole // Legacy NEW! (Addams Flickr)
Izzie’s – *resize* Nidhi Bangles L obsidian (Izzie’s Flickr)
[Cynful] Wish Necklace – Choker with Resize (Cynful Flickr)
[KKLRS] Hair – Sloane NEW! (KoKoLoReS Flickr)


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