Ciao Baby!

Ciao baby


Well hi there! I’m a little later with the posting today, I usually try for a slot about 5 hours ago but it hasn’t been that kind of a couple of days, it’s been a bit mental.

Now I feel tired and over-chilled. And yes, some might call that hungover, but not me.

For some reason I’m also really, really hungry and due to have a lovely, delicate and intricate salad for dinner, the kind I like to make when I’m in the mood. Needless to say, I’m not in the mood for that at all and if McDonalds would pull their finger out and deliver to me like they are threatening to in this area, I would be knee deep in milkshake  and clunge deep in a Big Mac about now. Chocolate milkshake, actually. And yes I’ll take the full-on headache size, please.

It’s 35 degrees here today. For full details of my previous moans about it being that hot in this poor, inadequately-equipped country, just search ‘weather’ on this blog.

I do have some vegan ice-cream in the freezer. No, I’m not a vegan but you struggle to get a nice-tasting chocolate ice-cream without chunks of some shit in it. I hate chunks in ice-cream. If I wanted small pieces of cake, I’d be a very tiny baker. No, when I want ice-cream, I want it nude, smooth and delicious. I don’t even like chocolate shavings on it… in fact, chocolate shavings are the worst, texturally speaking. I can just about deal with a nice swirl of sauce, but that’s my hard limit.

Morrisons do a B+J sized tub of their own brand chocolate vegan ice cream for 80p, and it’s healthier and not half-bad either. Better than paying a fiver for an aneurysm with blooming bits in.

So, I think I will make my salad and try to be delicate and intricate and patient and then after, I will have a banana split with what’s left of my chocolate ice-cream with it.

I deserve it. I really do.

As for this weekend, I plan on spending it doing nice things, cus I deserve that too. It may involve this cute garden centre/working farm place I found in a nearby village. Cus who doesn’t love that stuff? I wonder if there will be baby chicks and things?

What are you going to be doing? What would you like to be doing? C’mon, we both know the likelihood of those being the same thing are remote at this point in time.

What ARE you wearing?

Visit | Garrigua
Drink | -[ vagrant ]- Sex on the beach cocktail (Vagrant Flickr)
Top, Skirt, Shoes | Baiastice_Roky Denim Top, Skirt, Shoes @ Uber (Baiastice Flickr)
Hair | Magika – Hair – Irene (Magika Flickr)
Hair Accessory | #He La# Fabric Flower ribbon for hair/Red (He La Flickr)


  • I agree about ice cream. No chunky or crunchy bits in it. Just cold n’ smooth. As far as the weekend? I’m coming off a 14 day binge at work, so I’m probably going to be really boring this weekend.

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  • Yesterday morning, I drove to the coast. My sister’s in law’s have a static caravan on a private site just outside of Skegness. My sister has been there since Wednesday, and I went to join her yesterday. Because the site is private and has its own private bit of beach, there wasn’t the crowds of non social distancees there to spoil it. We stayed very private, ordered food in, and were generally lazy in every way. It was perfect. I just got home 11pm on Sat evening). And I so agree with the ice cream, I’m a vanilla girl when it comes to ice cream, but NO BITS in it! Love the garden centre/farm thing too ♥

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