fussing puss

Fussing Puss

Yo buttskis! Happy Monday to you. I’ve just finished writing 1500 words on a subject so dry, my eyes can barely blink any more. But this is what I do for money (and I do it to the tune of ‘Private Dancer’ by Tina Turner – only in my head, I can’t listen to music when I write).

I do YOU for fun. And if that sounds a bit rude, I don’t care. I’m in that kind of mood today. I shall ricochet from the things I have to do to the things I want to do with the ease of a trapeze artist.

Yesterday afternoon, I went onto Second Life and was happily roped into a bizarre boat trip. It wasn’t supposed to be bizarre, it started out normal enough. A trifecta of friends, a hot day, a boat, bikinis, chat. Then another friend joined us, dressed as a vampire and all of a sudden it got weird. It didn’t feel weird, it just looked odd. I really couldn’t get my brain off the idea that he shouldn’t be out in such bright sunlight.

I can’t even begin to successfully unpack my preoccupation with his health. I mean, let’s consider the following…

  1. Vampires are already dead.
  2. Vampires are human-killing, blood-sucking monsters.
  3. Vampires do not exist.
  4. Second Life isn’t physically real.
  5. The sunlight in Second Life does not generate heat.
  6. People in Second Life do not get their skin burned by the sun.
  7. Yada, yada, so on and so forth.

And yet still… I was concerned for him.


Because we buy into what we see and when we’re on a boat with our friends, tootling along, we – to some extent anyway – feel like we’re there. The people are real, even if they don’t look like that in RL and aren’t on a boat in RL.

Second Life is therefore real. For this reason, I don’t usually do anything in Second Life I would be ashamed to do in real life, apart from that one time at the ‘farm’ when I sat on the ball near the horse. I mean, I didn’t know, I was a noob.

I’m still polite in Second Life. Mostly. I’m nice to people. I don’t adopt strange attitudes I don’t hold in real life. I don’t troll. I do mess about though, firing bananas at people when given the chance, but I think I’d do that in real life too, if I could get a big enough banana gun. My most recent effort involved the inner from a kitchen roll… only works if the bananas are straight.

Thom and I actually discussed boundaries in Second Life a long time ago. I had danced with someone early on and he wasn’t happy about it. I asked why; I said in RL, I wasn’t even touching the person and he said because of how it could be perceived (seeing is believing). So we agreed, no close dancing with other people, no cuddling with other people, nothing in SL that we wouldn’t do with our real flesh and blood bodies in our physical lives.

Second Life is different for everybody, I get that. And I’m good with that. Mostly. I just sometimes want to physically hurt people who think it’s a place where they can go racist trolling, for instance.

My word on this is… if you’re not brave enough to go out to a shopping centre in real life and behave that way, don’t do it in Second Life. You just look like a coward and nobody likes you. This happened the other week… I won’t bother going into detail, I’m sure you all know the type. My friend and I reported him and put it to the back of our minds along with the scores of other plonkers you encounter along the way.

And there are so many nice people and things in Second Life too. My advice, take who you are into Second Life with you. You get to appear however you want. Don’t try to be someone else on the inside too.

what are you wearing?

tram J0826 hair (Style1) at Collabor88 (tram Flickr) NEW!
Addams // Etta Criss Cross Fringe Top // Perky (Addams Flickr) NEW!
Addams // Etta Low Rise Jean w/ Belt // Legacy (Addams Flickr) NEW!
Addams // Etta Strappy Sandal // Legacy (Addams Flickr) NEW!
Addams // Etta Crochet Cardigan // Perky (Addams Flickr) NEW!
GingerFish Poses – Kitty – eBento Sept at eBento (GingerFish Flickr) NEW!


  • hum seriously you can’t dance with anyone else rl? Phew thank god I’m french I guess. And/or single. Anyway that pic is SO gorgeous

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  • I’ve found that some things that I call ‘messing about’ are seen as trolling by others, it’s not trolling, but it’s trolling their expectations and prejudice, upsetting their apple cart of sensibilities. It’s got to a point now where I feel shy to be expressive in certain places.

    Great words Meri, I’m glad you spend this time doing this.

    Sweetheart Fruu makes a great Vampire doesn’t he?

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s a scary mofo. Haha. And yeah you’re right. I wouldn’t want to take over or upset anyone, I think that’s important, as well as having fun. Xxx


    • Incongruent. Correct. I believe Dracula travelled in the storage of a ship. On his way to holiday in Whitby (my knowledge is patchy) but he really couldn’t have chosen a nicer area. 😀 x

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    • I always think tomb when someone says Nosferatu. I’m probably way off. And yes… to a crisp! Bit like me in a pub beer garden.


  • I can’t imagine what all of you and your friends thought the second your friend the vampire boarded the boat! I wonder if vampires were bikinis, hmmm…. after all I guess they can go moonlight bathing LOL (that was awful goofy I know, I’m punchy from working all day at home, gosh I miss my office) luv ya hugs ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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